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Talisman Jewelry

Welcome to my magical portal. I'm delighted that our timelines have crossed! Here's the portal menu:

Astrology: Uncover the Divine Intention and Guidance in Your Astrological Chart


Tea Recipes & Rituals: Incorporate Ancient Traditions and Practices into Your Daily Life

Goddess Talisman Jewelry: Carry the essence of the Goddesses wherever you go!


Hello Astro friends!

My name is Natsuko

I’m a seasoned jeweler and passionate astrologer with a deep love for Goddesses and Mythology, striving to connect with the divine frequency of the cosmos. My goal is to channel this celestial energy into tangible, meaningful pieces of jewelry and insightful astrological readings. This allows you to understand, experience, and embody this energy.

I offer services that help you explore your astrological energy signature and understand the divine intentions in your astrological chart. Through tea and ritual, you can work directly with the Goddesses. By wearing the essence of the Goddesses in the form of jewelry, you can carry this divine presence wherever you go!

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Since the dawn of civilization, the moon's phases have played a significant role in influencing human activities. Our ancestors used the lunar cycle to guide their agricultural practices, aligning their planting, harvesting, and composting processes with the moon's phases. Therefore, when it comes to manifestation, aligning with the Moon Phases is an ideal way to sync our intentions with natural rhythms. The Moon Cycle Manifestation Guide assists you in aligning with the moon's cycles and phases. Such alignment can lower stress levels, bring clarity to your goals, and promote spiritual reconnection. By aligning your intentions with the lunar phases, you can live a more purposeful life, making manifestation a natural process.

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