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Tarot & Oracle Deck Interview Spreads

It is an exciting moment to open the new deck! You might just want to feel the power of their energy in your hands, smell the freshness of the cards, and look at the cards one by one to get an idea of how they will help guide your journey. There truly is something magical about opening a new deck! - but have you ever wondered how to get to know your new Tarot and Oracle decks and form a connection right away, and start the relationship off on the right foot?

Deck Interview Spreads are the perfect tool to help you do just that. This powerful spread helps you create a meaningful connection with your deck while learning its unique language, insights, and how they deliver messages. Not only will this help you become better acquainted with your deck, it can also give you an in-depth understanding of how it works and how to use it effectively in readings.


What brought you to me?

It is truly exciting to see what has brought us together! Could it be that you are here to help me expand my understanding? sharpen my reading skills? or elevate the quality of visuals? Perhaps your mission is to broaden our collective awareness.

How can we best work and collaborate together?

How can we best collaborate and work together to create effective, unique, and insightful readings? Are you the type of deck that may require a more professional tone, or a more humorous approach works better?

The first impression of me

This is the perhaps the most captivating and intriguing question that I continue to find endlessly fascinating. It never fails to amuse me how the decks initially perceive me and can’t help but to smile every time!

What kind of reading are you best suited for?

What kind of reading do you truly excel at? Are you a natural storyteller or perhaps a great listener who can act as a type of therapist? Do you have the nurturing essence of a mother, strict father, or the qualities that make you seem like talking to a best friend?

What kind of relationship can I expect with you?

Is this relationship going to be a cozy and comfortable one, or purely professional? Perhaps feels like having a teacher and apprentice relationship with the potential for strong friendship? Can I expect to spend quality time together with you on a regular basis? Or will you be the one I only turn to for making serious decisions?

Deck Interview Spread

  1. What brought you to me?

  2. How can we best work and collaborate together?

  3. The first impression of me

  4. What kind of reading are you best suited for?

  5. What kind of relationship can I expect with you?


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