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Each piece serves as a personal talisman, amplifying celestial energies within you and fostering a deeper spiritual connection. This wearable art not only enhances your aesthetics but also infuses your everyday life with divine energy. It enables you to channel the wisdom and strength of the Goddesses, no matter where you are.

Goddess Figurine Talisman Jewelry

At the Great Goddess Migration workshop, I learned about the ancient goddess figurines. Despite thousands of these figurines being discovered worldwide, their purpose and meaning remain a mystery. When I connected with their energy, I received their message. They knew their presence would be banished from Earth and human consciousness. However, our discovery of these figurines allows us to sense their presence again, reconnecting us with the ancient wisdom they represent.

This greatly inspired me, leading me to create a necklace modeled after these figurines as a talismans. Just before my trip to Japan, I incorporated Carnelian and Turquoise into the necklace, stones that native Americans often use for safe travel.

Carnelian, a sturdy stone, is commonly associated with protective qualities. It's believed to boost the wearer's self-confidence and intelligence. On the other hand, Turquoise is revered as a powerful bringer of good fortune. Worldwide, it's widely believed to bestow health, luck, and positivity on its wearer.

Goddess Figurine Talisman Jewelry Collection

In addition to these stones, I incorporated the motif of the Triple Moon Goddesses - Artemis, Selene, and Hekate - into the necklace's design. This symbolism is clearly reflected in my natal chart. Given that my chart is a night chart, the Moon is the primary luminary and is exalted in Taurus, with mutual reception to Venus in Cancer. No wonder, I've always felt a strong connection to Moon, even before I know astrology. Then, last summer, on August 8th during the Lion's Gate, which coincided with my Lunar return, I discussed astrology with my friend and colleague, Dawn, an astrology and tarot alchemist. She pointed out that the asteroid Hekate was in conjunction with my Sun-Venus-Mars conjunction on my natal chart, and ever since then I’m working with Goddess Hekate, and triple Moon Goddesses. So for my talisman, I encoded the symbolism of Triple Moon Goddesses, the Key for Hekate, an Arrow for Artemis, and the Wings for Selene.


Throughout my trip, I felt as if the Goddesses were with me, protecting me, watching over my travel experiences. The weather was pleasant, every plan proceeded without a hitch, and I had a wonderful time. Since then, this necklace has become my cherished amulet, a symbol of protection and positivity that I carry every day with the Goddesses essence. Upon my return, the Goddess Figurine continued to inspire me, leading to the creation of a whole Goddess figurine talisman collection and much more to come.


So, I’m thrill to introducing the Goddess Figurine Talisman Jewelry Collection, a line of accessories inspired by the ancient goddess figurines found in all over the world. This collection incorporates the symbolism of Ancient Goddesses and the power of crystals. Each piece is meticulously crafted to serve as a personal talisman, bestowing protection, positivity, and good fortune upon the wearer.

Each piece in my collection is imbued with its own distinct energy, reflecting the unique spirit of the person wearing it. If you desire a creation that truly mirrors your essence, I offer personalized custom designs. Through astrological consultations, we'll align your desires with the celestial wisdom of your astrological chart. This collaborative journey combines your vision with my expertise and cosmic energies, crafting a masterpiece that deeply resonates with your soul.

Custom Goddess Figurine Talisman Design Consultation

Experience a personalized journey to create your unique Goddess Figurine Talisman Necklace. This comprehensive service includes an in-depth birth chart and design consultation, followed by the creation of your unique piece. This process ensures that your talisman not only captures your personal style but also resonates with your astrological signatures. Embark on this journey to create a talisman that truly vibrates with your soul!

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