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Unlock the Wisdom of Hekate with the Full Moon Hekate’s Magic Cauldron Tarot Spread

Under the enchanting glow of the Full Moon, we find ourselves seeking a profound connection with Hekate, the goddess of magic and crossroads, the mother of all witches. Although Hekate may be more accessible during the Dark Moon Phase, as that is her domain, we can still tap into her mystical energies through the enchanting power of Tarot and Oracle spreads. These divination tools act as conduits, allowing us to gain valuable insights and wisdom visually and psychically from Hekate, guiding us on our spiritual journey.

To enhance your card reading experience, you can smudge or burn incense in your cauldron. You can also sprinkle dried herbs or flowers into the cauldron, allowing their aroma to fill the air. Visualize the sacred smoke rising from the cauldron, purifying the space and creating a serene atmosphere.

If you are unable to perform rituals with fire and smoke (as I don’t do fire rituals inside the house), simply imagine that you are doing so! Light the candle or ignite a flameless candles and connect with the transformative power of fire. Take a moment to gaze into the flames and the mesmerizing dance of the flickering light. Allow yourself to fully immerse in the purifying energy that the fire bring to your card readings.

Here are the questions to draw cards on:

  1. Illuminate and guide me, Hekate, revealing the aspects of my life that crave your divine insight. Grant me the understanding and clarity to navigate the areas where your guidance is most needed.

  2. How can I forge a deeper bond with your mesmerizing essence, dear Hekate? Unveil the secrets that will strengthen our connection, enabling me to fully embrace your potent and enchanting energy.

  3. Show me the path to unlock my intuitive prowess and embrace the innate psychic abilities within me. Unleash my true psychic potential and lead me towards the development of my intuitive gifts.

  4. What hidden opportunities or challenges lie on the horizon of my spiritual journey? Illuminate the path ahead, uncovering the hidden gems and obstacles that await me, empowering me to navigate with wisdom and grace.

  5. What profound wisdom or insight does Hekate bestow upon me in this sacred moment? Open the floodgates of your profound wisdom, allowing me to receive deep insights that will enrich my spiritual growth and understanding.

  6. Teach me the most harmonious ways to honor and harness the potent energies of the Moon. Reveal the rituals and practices that will help me honor the Moon's majestic energies in perfect harmony, enabling me to manifest my desires and intentions.

  7. In which areas of my life would transformative release bring forth great benefit? Guide me in identifying the aspects of my life where letting go and releasing old patterns and beliefs will pave the way for remarkable positive transformations.

  8. What subtle messages and signs should I remain receptive to from the mystical realm of Hekate? Awaken my senses to the gentle whispers and signs from your mystical realm, ensuring that I stay connected and attuned to your divine guidance and presence.

I have been working with Asteroid/Goddess Hekate since August. As I learn more about asteroids and goddesses and their mythology, I feel a stronger connection to an increasing number of asteroids and goddesses. Their messages are becoming clearer and more louder. They want to live through us and experience the life they once had. So, if you are interested in asteroids or goddesses, perhaps they are calling you to connect with them. Tell me, who are you getting a call from?


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