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Hekate Incense of Enchanting Magic: Re-Creating Magic from the Dream

On the day the Crescent Moon entered Scorpio, I woke up with a mesmerizing dream, brimming with enchantment. In this ethereal vision, I found myself immersed in a sacred ritual, igniting incense that infused the air with its mystical essence. As the smoke gracefully rising and swirling around from the cutout openings on a cast iron cauldron, I felt an undeniable presence, as if the divine forces were guiding me with their benevolent touch.

The dream I experienced was a tapestry of intricate symbolism, where the swirling smoke, the enchanting shape of the cauldron, and the alluring fragrances of the incense held deep significance. It was as if each element whispered a unique aspect of my journey in witchcraft, carrying messages from the divine Asteroid/Goddess Hekate herself. In fact, I have placed a smudge sachet infused with Hekate's potent energy. Prior to sleep, I connected with Hekate by inhaling the sachet's aroma and meditating, seeking messages through my dreams.

This technique, which you may refer to as the "dream incubator," is like scheduling a meeting in a dream. Then, when I actually get these dreams, which I fondly call "message dreams," serve as a strong reminder of the sacred relationship between dreams, symbolism, and communication from higher realms. They strengthen my belief in the presence and guidance of benevolent divine forces in our lives.

As I tune into the depths of my dream, I was drawn to a captivating blend of enchanting ingredients, urging me to create a powerful incense. This mystical concoction, inspired by the Crescent Moon entering Scorpio, holds the secret to awakening dormant psychic potential. Although the Moon in Scorpio is considered a position of fall, the fresh Crescent Moon in this deeply psychological and psychically attuned fixed water sign holds the key to unlocking hidden potential within oneself, if one dares to delve deep enough. When envisioning meditation with this sacred incense, it draws me into the depths of the vast ocean, embarking on a profound journey in search of a hidden treasure chest. Within this mystical chest resides the key bestowed upon me by the divine Asteroid/Goddess Hekate. As I unlock the chest, a world of enchantment and limitless possibilities unfolds before my eyes.

In the process of creating this sacred incense, I follow an intuitive approach where I first select the ingredients and then explore their unique purposes, aligning them with the energy of specific planets. This allows me to infuse the incense with potent celestial vibrations that resonate with the mystical forces of the cosmos.

Dragons Blood, a powerful ingredient known for banishing negativity, healing wounds, and providing protection against malevolent energies, is associated with the fiery energy of Mars. By including Dragons Blood in the incense blend, we invite its transformative and purifying properties to guide us on our mystical journey.

Frankincense, another key ingredient, embodies unwavering dedication, focus, self-discipline, and the attraction of good fortune. Under the influence of Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony, Frankincense adds a touch of elegance and brings forth a sense of divine purpose and abundance.

Saffron, a rare and precious spice, holds the energy of both Jupiter and the Sun. It is renowned for its ability to attract wealth, financial success, abundance, and overall well-being. Incorporating Saffron into the incense blend infuses it with the vibrant energies of expansion, prosperity, and limitless possibilities.

To manifest this ethereal vision, I have curated a collection of the essential components, conveniently available on Amazon. I know, I know, shopping on Amazon may not sound authentic or mystical, but as a Gemini Ascendant, convenience and efficiency are important to me. With a simple click, I can order all the essential components, and have them swiftly delivered to my doorstep, ready to manifest celestial magic, and that my friend, is a true Magic!

Shopping List

Dragon’s Blood Powder Incense

Frankincense Resin

Saffron Threads

Cauldron Cast Iron

Charcoal Tablets

Tongs for Charcoal

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the realm of dreams, exploring dream charts and oracle cards to receive messages from the divine Asteroid/Goddess Hekate. Join me on this enchanting journey of unlocking hidden potential and embracing the limitless possibilities that await.


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