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Decoding a Dream of Enchanting Magic: Reading a Dream Chart

So, this is the chart I casted for the dream I had, which you can read about it here.

When casting a "Dream Chart," the timing can be speculative. If it's for a client, we can cast a horary chart, especially if the client is unsure of the time. In a horary chart, the astrologer casts the chart for a specific moment when a question or inquiry is asked. This is especially useful if the client doesn't have a specific time for the dream. However, when casting a dream chart for myself, I prefer to rely on my intuitive feeling.

Sometimes, when I wake up in the middle of the night with a dream and check the time, I take note of it if it's not yet time to get up. If dream happens during my regular sleeping hours, I usually set the time for 2-2:30 am. In Japan, this is known as "丑三つ時 - Ushimitudoki," which translates to "Witching hour." However, this time, I had a sense that the Moon was entering Scorpio. Therefore, I set the time based on when the Moon actually entered Scorpio in my timezone.

According to "The Book of Rulerships by Dr. Lee Lehman, Ph.D.", dreams are mostly ruled by the 9th house, which astrologers historically agree upon. Here are some interesting associations to note:

Deceitful Dreams - South Node in 9th house

False or Frivolous Dreams - Mars in 9th house

Pornographic Dreams - Venus in 9th house

Prophetic Dreams - Jupiter/North Node in 9th house

Interpretation of Dreams - 9th house

And here some rules for interpreting dream chart according to

As we always do with a horary chart, we assign the ruler of the first and the Moon to the querent who had the dream.
Dreams themselves are found in the ninth house, and although the usual practice of assigning the ruler to represent the dream is not wrong, planets in the ninth are usually better significators for the dream. If there isn’t a planet in the ninth, Sahl instructs us to look for a planet in the order of preference tenth, first, seventh, fourth or third house. If there is no planet in one of these houses, the dream has been inaccurately reported or is meaningless.

From my perspective, the 9th house represents dreams themselves, while the 12th house represents the state of dreams or the state of sleep – a dreamland, if you will. In this dream chart, the 12th house is ruled by Gemini, which is also my natal ascendant sign. This gives me a mental image of myself sleeping and having the dream. Additionally, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, a divine messenger, and in the 3rd house of Virgo, indicating that this dream is indeed a message to my conscious mind. Cancer is the ascendant of this dream chart, making the Moon my chart ruler. The Moon is located in the 5th house of Scorpio. It's amusing that my initial feelings were connected to the Moon entering Scorpio.

Okay, let's examine the 9th house to determine the significator of this dream. In the 9th house, Pisces is present along with Saturn, MC, and Neptune. Additionally, there is a kite configuration involving the ruling planet of Pisces, Jupiter in Taurus, Sun in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn, all pointing to Neptune in Pisces. Based on this, I would say that Neptune is the significator of this dream.

Again, from

Once you have decided which planet is the significator of the dream, you can delineate the following information:
  • The houses it rules show what in the native’s life has caused the dream, for example if it is a fearful dream, what is causing the fear;

I practice an ancient form of astrology that does not assign rulership of houses to Neptune, but in my natal chart, Neptune is located in the 6th house. The dream I had was enchanting and magical, so I’d say that it is definitely associated with my magical practices in my daily work and life.

  • The planets it aspects show which areas in the life are affected by the dream, and how. This will help you give sound advice based on the dream;

Out of all the aspects Neptune is forming, the opposition to the Sun stands out to me the most. It has the tightest orb and is the only challenging aspect that Neptune is making. The Sun-Neptune opposition can signify confusion, foggy foresight, rose-colored glasses, or a struggle to find a balance between spirituality/divination, and reality. Since I'm so into witchcraft, magic, rituals, and anything related to Neptunian themes, perhaps the dream is a warning that I need to be more grounded in reality and be more practical and rational. However, my feeling is that the dream is, in fact, an encouragement for me to pursue this mystical journey with confidence.

  • If the south node is in the ninth house or conjunct the main significator of the dream it will have the characteristics of a disturbing dream or nightmare - fear, danger, unpleasantness, being chased, feeling threatened or something similar.

In this dream South Node is not a factor.

  • You can also delineate the ruler of the ninth this way for more information or try it in those cases where the significator doesn’t seem to be appropriate.

Ok, here's the kicker. The ruler of the 9th house Jupiter is at 15º in Taurus, which happens to be the same position as my natal Moon! The planet has been in this degree for some time, recently stationed and retrograde, so there's definitely a message there. It is located in the 11th house and forms a trine with the 3rd house, indicating a strong connection to friends, groups, and the community. Recently, I have started leading rituals and sharing my tea and magic spells within the group and with friends, and I have strong desire to form a witchy community. Additionally, the presence of Pisces in the 9th house is associated with astrology, divination, spiritual beliefs, the journey of spirituality, and with the MC indicating that it will advance my career in this way. However, keep in mind that Jupiter is in retrograde, and it will continue to be until the end of this year. This indicates that it will take time, so don't rush. Instead, focus on perfecting the method and solidifying my magic.

  • Each planet by its nature shows the type of dream and some of its details. It may seem a waste of time to look for the description of the dream in the chart when the querent has already told you the dream, but this can be an important confirmation of the chart as well as give clearer details then the querent might - perhaps even helping jog their memory.

Yes, I definitely feel I received confirmation! While I can go more in depth, I got a package from my astrologer friend/my house sister (Since we have the same rising sign, our house placements are identical. So, we affectionately refer to each other as “House Sisters”), which contained an enchanted gift. So, for now, I will conclude my reading with the dream chart.

Au revoir!


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