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Full Moon in Pisces Full Blown Ritual

A Guide to Honoring the Energy of the Full Moon

August 30, 2023


7º Pisces

As we approach the Full Moon in Pisces, the energy of this celestial event is intensified by the Moon's conjunction with Saturn. This combination brings a feeling of seriousness, calling me to step up my game to the next level. Perhaps I need to take a more formal approach to my ritual.

This could involve selecting appropriate attire, such as dressing in all black to honor Saturn and symbolize the depth of emotions that Pisces is known for. As for gemstone, Pearl for white, Black Spinel for black, and Garnet for red is calling me. If the weather permits, I can enjoy the cozy comfort of my indoor space while listening to the gentle sound of raindrops. If not, it’s ok. I can sit by an altar space that I set up to honor Hekate on the New Moon, light a candle, and invite her to join me.

To begin my ritual, I will smudge around my house, then have a tea ceremony with the tea blend I made at the dark moon of this moon cycle. I’d have invocation, then, I will work with my favorite deck of Tarot cards to invite the support and guidance of the divine into my practice. This will allow me to connect more deeply with the cosmic energy of the Full Moon in Pisces and Saturn, and reflect on this lunar cycle since setting my intention at the New Moon.

Dress Code - All black

House Blessing Smudging Ritual 3:35pm


Reflect on the progress made since the New Moon, acknowledge what's working well, and give thanks for the journey so far, especially my relationship with asteroid/goddess Hekate.

Acknowledge what's not working, and determine what to let go of by the next lunar cycle.

Full Moon Hekate’s Garden Loose Smudge

*I smudge outside of my house to avoid setting off the smoke detector. Also, I prefer not to smudge away all the energy inside the house. I start by lighting the smudge on my back porch and slowly make my way around the house.

Full Moon Ritual Invocation

Full Moon Crystal Spell to Develop Psychic Powers

From the book: A Spell A Day by Cassandra Eason

The Tarot/Oracle spread for the Full Moon in Pisces

  1. The energy I am receiving from the Full Moon in Pisces is a powerful force that can affect our emotions and inner psyche. This is a time of heightened sensitivity and intuition, where we may feel more connected to our dreams and the spiritual realm. We can use this energy to gain deeper insights into ourselves and our relationships, and to release any negative emotions or past traumas that may be holding us back.

  2. The energy we reflect back is also important during this time. By focusing on positive thoughts and intentions, we can attract more abundance, love, and joy into our lives. This is a time to let go of any negative self-talk or limiting beliefs, and to focus on our strengths and abilities.

  3. As we reflect on what is not working for us, we can identify areas where we need to let go and release any attachments or patterns that may be holding us back. This can include negative relationships, self-destructive behaviors, or any other habits that are not serving our highest good.

  4. As we release what is not working, we make space for new opportunities and growth. This is a time of emergence and transformation, where we can tap into our inner wisdom and creativity to manifest our dreams and desires.

  5. The energy that is calling us may be different for each person, so it is important to pay attention to our inner guidance and intuition. This may include a new career path, a creative project, or a spiritual practice that resonates with our soul.

  6. To be our authentic self in the best possible way, we can focus on self-care and self-love. This includes setting healthy boundaries, practicing forgiveness and compassion, and honoring our unique gifts and talents. By embracing our true selves, we can live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Journaling Session

Perhaps the best part of the ritual is the journaling session. By recording our experiences in a journal, we can give substance and a tangible form to the passage of time. Take some time to reflect on your experience with the Full Moon ritual. Consider the details of your experience and make note of any emotions or sensations that you felt during the ritual. Did you feel a deeper connection to the cosmos through the magic spell? Did the Tarot/Oracle cards provide you with any intuitive messages or guidance? It is essential to explore and fully unpack your experience. Take your time and write down everything you can remember, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

Happy Full Moon, and happy ritual!


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