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The Pentacle Spread for Business, Work, Career, & Finances

Are you looking to start your own business, switch up your career, or simply find yourself in a better financial position? The Pentacle Spread for Business, Work, Career, and Finances can provide a visual guide to help you make informed decisions and empower yourself to take control of your life and the factors that have the biggest impact on your self-worth and lifestyle. Tarot can provide clarity, direction, jump start your journey and help you make smart choices - ultimately helping you reach your goals.

This spread can help us with:

  • Visually guiding us to the right direction

  • Jump starting the journey

  • Showing us how we can make choices

  • Providing hope and empowerment

  • Uncovering hidden patterns

  • Connecting with our subconscious

Six cards and the positions:

Card 1 - current situation

Card 2 - ideal

Card 3 - blockage

Card 4 - solution

Card 5 - advice

Card 6 - the outcome


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