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Energy Mapping 12 Astrology House Spread

The 12 Astrology House Spread is an amazing tool for gaining insight into what's going on in your life energetically. By looking at all 12 Houses, you can gain valuable insight into your work, relationships, health, finances, emotions, home & family, and self-care concerns in one glance. As you journey through life, it's important to take time to reflect and gain insight into your experiences. The tarot is a great tool to help you gain a unique perspective on any situation.

1 self, self-expression, physical appearance, drive & will

2 value, money and personal possession, sustainability

3 active mind, thoughts, immediate environment

4 home, foundation, roots, upbringing, family

5 recreation, affairs, creative expression, hobbies, children

6 health & fitness, job, daily routine, co-workers, pets

7 relationships, partnerships, marriage, significant others

8 lesson, desire and fears, crisis, personal growth and transformation, sexuality

9 spirituality, religious beliefs, philosophy, teaching and learning, travel

10 career, public persona, governments, structure, work

11 future vision, social awareness, technology, groups, friends, community

12 privacy, subconscious, dreams, spiritual studies, illusions


May 03, 2023

Love the spreads!


This is a great idea for a spread - thanks for sharing!

Chai Luna
Chai Luna
Feb 08, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much! I have tons more spreads, I’ll slowly post them

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