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Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

The Moon in Libra corresponds to the Two of Swords in tarot cards, signifying the agony of decision-making, indecisiveness, and the attempt to maintain balance during transitional time. At Full Moon in Libra, it's a time to reflect on the significance of being level-headed and fair when making choices, weigh the pros and cons of different options, and consider their impact. This astrological placement emphasizes the importance of being patient and thoughtful when making decisions and seeking counsel from those we trust, in this instance, The Tarot.

This spread harnesses the power of the moon to help you find balance and clarity. Discover how the moon's energy is influencing you and what changes you need to make. Let go of what no longer serves you and hold onto what brings you joy and abundance. As you balance your physical and spiritual selves, you can also harmonize your relationships with others. Manifest your dreams and create the life you desire with this insightful tarot spread!

Full Moon in Libra Spread

1 - Moon Energy

2 - My Energy

3 - Let Go

4 - Hold On

5 - what weights me down

6 - what lifts me up

7 - how to balance my self with others

8 - how to balance physicality and spirituality


Full Moon is a potent time for manifestation and introspection. This tarot spread is designed to help you understand how the moon's influence is affecting your life at this moment. Discover what's working well, what needs to be released, and how to harness the moon's power to your advantage. This six-card spread will provide insights into the energy of the current lunar cycle and what to expect in the next one. Give it a try and connect with the magic of the moon! Blew a cup of tea, light a candle, relax and have fun!

Full Moon Tarot Spread

1. What is the energy of this full moon?

2. How does the energy influencing my life?

3. How to use the energy to my advantage?

4. What has worked since last new moon?

5. What is not working and need to let go of?

6. What can I expect for next lunar cycle?


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