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New Moon Phase - Cultivating new energy to bring forward with Tarot/Oracle Spread

As the Moon symbolizes our intuition and reflects our inner world and subconscious, the New Moon phase is a particularly potent time to connect with them. Using Tarot and Oracle decks can make it easier to tap into this energy, as they provide us with visual cues. Tarot/Oracle readings can help us gain clarity on our current situation, allowing us to make better decisions and move forward with more confidence. Here is a spread you can use to connect with the energy of the New Moon and tap into its special energy to bring new beginnings into our lives.

  1. What new opportunities are available to me during this new moon phase?

  2. How can I release old patterns or beliefs that are no longer serving me?

  3. What intentions should I set for this new moon cycle?

  4. What areas of my life need my attention and focus right now?

  5. What steps can I take to cultivate new energy and bring positive change into my life?

  6. How can I tap into my intuition and trust in the universe to support my growth and transformation?

  7. What obstacles or challenges should I be aware of as I move forward?

  8. What resources or support do I need to achieve my goals during this new moon cycle?

  9. What lessons can I learn from past experiences to guide me in the present?

  10. How can I stay committed to my intentions and manifest my dreams during this new moon phase?

Here’s a Moon Cycle Manifestation Guide you can grab for free! Let’s start manifesting together!


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