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New Moon in Pisces Dream into Reali-Tea

Welcome to New Moon in Pisces Dream into Reali-Tea! This special blend was crafted to honor this new moon, which occurs at 1º in the Pisces sign. I have combined the celestial energy of the New Moon to create a unique, imaginative Airbnb experience: The New Moon in Pisces. Imagine visiting dreamland Pisces, with Neptune as your long-term Airbnb host and Venus as the delightful guest, before she departs to the next sign of Aries. A truly special experience! Enjoy this special moment and use it to make your dreams a reality! May this special blend of tea bring you clarity and peace as you embrace the possibilities of the new moon.


Ingredients for 6 individual teabags

1 part Earl Grey Tea - Moon

1 part Chamomile - Sun

1 part Blue Lotus - Neptune

3/4 part Rose Petal - Venus


Begin by combining all ingredients in a large bowl and stirring until everything is evenly mixed. Then, divide the blend into six individual empty teabags. Place one of the teabags into a cup or mug and pour freshly boiled water over it. Allow the tea to steep for about 5 minutes before removing the teabag and enjoying your delicious tea.

Here’s a Moon Cycle Manifestation Guide you can grab for free! Let’s start manifesting together!


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