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Align with the Moon, Stars, and Cosmos to Navigate Your Life with Celestial Wisdom and Never Feel Lost Again!

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If you're feeling lost and disconnected from your purpose, or struggling to find direction in your career or personal life, allow the Moon Cycle to guide your path, just as our ancestors did. Let the Moon illuminate your way forward.

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Hi, I'm Nat!

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Jeweler | Astrology + Akashic Records Reader

Soul-Thriving Business Guide | Crystal Healer

I see my business as an extension of my spiritual practice. My work is centered on helping clients connect with and integrate their multidimensional selves and activate their soul-thriving timeline by utilizing astrology and access to the Akashic Records. My astrology practice is rooted in Ancient Astrology, using whole sign charts, Hellenistic techniques, asteroids, along with various chart interpretation methods. I have a deep love for Greek Mythology, so they often come up in my sessions. They are also an inspiration for Goddess Talisman Jewelry, which serves as personal amulets embodying the Goddess' essence. Healing crystals are used to amplify celestial energies, promote a deeper spiritual connection, and tune into one's unique vibrational frequency.

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Awakening Across Dimensions + Activate Your Soul-Thriving Timeline

Multidimensional Astrology + Akashic Records Readings

Soul-Thriving Business + Career Guidance

It's often said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, and I agree. I believe we are indeed spiritual beings navigating the human condition. However, our existence isn't confined to the third dimension we perceive as reality. Multiple dimensions and timelines are available to us, and they're also REAL!

Are you struggling to find your purpose, feeling lost? Perhaps you've tried various careers and always seem to end up being made redundant. You may feel as if your soul is forever lost and never found.

  • You are surviving, not thriving

  • Stuck in the mundane

  • Don't know what you're called to do

  • Not purposeful = not fulfilling

If that’s you…

Let me guide you on a journey across multiple dimensions and timelines, traversing the past, present, and future, through the ancient wisdom of Astrology and the collective information field of the Akashic Records. I will assist you in awakening to the most beneficial dimension for you, activating the timeline that serves you best to thrive on Earth at the soul level.

Every soul is different, so the number and frequency of your sessions may vary. In your first one-hour session, we'll explore the basic makeup of your birth chart, outline your soul's journey, and discuss how we can delve deeper into the heart of your soul. Then we will identify where you can be most abundant and thrive, understand the work you are called here to do, and determine how you can align most closely with your soul's purpose.

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“Nat has an incredible ability to not only tune in at a deep level but she effortlessly finds hidden messages that can be connected across multiple modalities. Whether it's astrology, tarot, dream work, or simply guidance, she ties it all together leaving you in awe of how well everything fits."


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Contact me...

For any questions on start your soul-thriving journey. Looking forward to guiding you on your soul's journey!

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