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Tea to Heal the Wounded Spirit

The Seasons of the Witch Samhain Oracle always seems to know what I need. Today, when I was feeling kind of empty after an amazing trip to Japan, it gave me comfort all over again. The trip was more than I could have hoped for - it really fed my soul and cleared out my energy field. I felt like I left bits of my soul behind in Japan when I came back to the US. Feeling all exposed like that, I pulled the "Crystal and Herbs" card. This card hit me right in the feels, it was like coming home spiritually. Even though there was this emptiness, the crystal and herbs gave me the push I needed to find my groove, balance my inner self, and kick off a new phase of spiritual healing and growth.

To create this healing tea, simply mix 2 parts marigold, 1 part yarrow, and 1/8 part mugwort. Boil water and pour it over the mixed herbs, and then let it steep for about 10 minutes. You can strain the herbs out or leave them in if you prefer. Sip this tea while in a peaceful state of mind, and let its healing properties soothe your spirit.


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