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Embrace Cosmic Energies: Sun-Pluto Conjunction, Tea Rituals, and Astrological Insights

Upcoming Sun-Pluto Conjunction: A Cosmic Wake-Up Call

The energy of this conjunction is immense! Every time I connect with this energy, I feel a mix of excitement, anxiety, and nervousness. It's a major crossroad in the timeline shift.

It's just so intriguing that this conjunction occurs at an Anaretic degree of 29º and 59’ in Capricorn before transitioning into Aquarius later on the same day, TOGETHER! Back in 2023, Pluto was at 0º Aquarius from March 23 through June 11, before reverting to 27º Capricorn. Then, from January 20 to September 1 this year, Pluto re-entered Aquarius, passing through the first 2 degrees of Aquarius before returning to 29º Capricorn one last time. It will then remain in Aquarius for approximately the next 20 years.

In this video, Molly McCord transmits this energy:

My takeaway is that this conjunction, transiting through Aquarius, is a cosmic wake-up call that reverberates in every corner of our existence. This is not a subtle shift; it’s a momentous realignment that is clearing substantial amounts of energy from our collective and individual fields.

It is shaking and shifting energies, transforming the very essence of our being, and introducing significant new frequencies that oscillate in harmony with the universe. The energy we are encountering is not merely transformative; it is radical, paving the way for truly revolutionary changes in our consciousness and perception.

We are witnessing a massive shift, a monumental transition to the next version of reality that stimulates our quantum growth potential. This quantum leap in our evolution is not gradual but a seismic shift that propels us towards an entirely new paradigm of existence.

Beyond the confines of Earth's atmosphere, there's an energy altering on a galactic level. This is not merely a terrestrial phenomenon but a shift in energy that spans the entire galaxy. The cosmic energies that have been dormant are now awakening, triggering changes that will affect not just our planet but the entire universe.


During this period of monumental astrological conjunction, they're also making a trine with the Moon at 29° Taurus, in conjunction with the Asteroid Sedna.

Asteroid Sedna, discovered in 2003, is a trans-Neptunian object with a highly elliptical orbit. Sedna is associated with long-lasting change, as it takes about 11,400 years to orbit the Sun. Sedna, the Goddess of the Sea and the Deep Abyss. Her energy is about spiritual growth that comes from enduring hardship.

Since 1966, Sedna has resided in Taurus, grounding us and enhancing our awareness of our values and material possessions. This placement also encourages a slow, steady approach to spiritual growth.

However, Sedna will soon be entering Gemini. Sedna's transition into different zodiac signs marks significant shifts in the collective consciousness of humanity. Its movement encourages us to grow, adapt, and transform ourselves in alignment with the energies it brings. As Sedna enters Gemini, it is expected to stimulate a thirst for knowledge and communication, new ways to solving problems and challenges that we are facing, questioning old patterns and beliefs, and seeking new perspectives. This shift could lead to revolutions in how we think, communicate, and perceive reality, contributing to the evolution of humanity at a fundamental level.

Trine energy is supportive, unifying, and brings the two parts together. Pluto-Sedna represents collective consciousness, while the Sun-Moon signifies us, individuals. This harmonious connection fosters a sense of unity, bringing together the collective and individual aspects of our existence. The trine energy facilitates understanding and progress, both on a personal level and as a collective. It's a time when the individual self and the collective consciousness can work together seamlessly, each influencing the other in supportive and positive ways.

However, there is a significant amount of uncertainty. These cosmic changes introduce unprecedented concepts, and their complete impacts on our lives, society, and perception of reality are yet to be understood. So, while I’m not even attempting to say what may happen, here’s what I suggest. Bring this huge energy down to our individual senses. And, of course, at Chai Astrology, we invite you to do this in the comforting company of your favorite cup of tea and your astrological chart!

Tea and Astrology: Enjoy each mindful sip of tea and break out your astrological chart. Reflect on past transformations in the Capricorn house, consider future aspirations in the Aquarius house, understand your current beliefs and practices in the Taurus house, and explore new methods of communication and learning in the Gemini house, both terrestrial and divinatory.

Reflective Journaling: With Pluto concluding its 15-year transit through Capricorn this November, devote time to journal your thoughts. Reflect on the changes, accomplishments, and areas of personal growth during this transformative period since 2008.

Intent Setting and Visualization: As Pluto transitions into Aquarius for good for the next 20 years starting from November, visualize this extended timeline. Use this opportunity to set intentions for who you aspire to become. By setting your intention, you're creating a timeline for the next 20 years.


It's funny that no specific tea blend came to mind for this celestial event. Instead, the idea was to bring your favorite cup of tea to this transformative period. There's sure to be a transformation, perhaps beyond recognition, but something will remain the same. Hold on to that and keep it close; you'll always have a home, and you can find a way back by brewing your favorite tea.

Here’s my personal favorite and the story:

Every morning, I make myself a cup of Chai Latte. The blend consists of two parts Earl Grey, one part Assam, and a sprinkle of Peppermint. I simmer this mixture in a stainless steel pot for six minutes. Then, I strain the tea into a cup, add two tablespoons of cane sugar to the pot, pour in whole milk, and froth it. Here's the thing: this Chai Latte-making routine has become my morning ritual, and I've been practicing it for about 2 years now. At first, I couldn't get the milk to froth, so I bought an electric froth maker. It did a wonderful job, but it broke after not even 3 months of use. So, I tried frothing the milk myself. That became my practice. I mastered it shortly after and was so happy that I no longer had to rely on external gadgets.

Sometime last December, I noticed the milk stopped frothing. At first, I thought it was due to the brand of milk, so I tried different ones. Then, I considered the whisk might be the issue and contemplated buying a new one, but I didn't. Despite whisking it longer and harder, nothing worked. A Chai Latte without frothed milk feels so sad, like a night sky without stars - it's simply disappointing.

And at the beginning of this year, Jan 4th to be exact, the milk started to froth again! Over the next few days, I was worried that it might stop, but as of January 18, it's still frothing. I'm enjoying my perfect morning Chai Latte once more!

So, you see, something as simple as a morning cup of tea can be your ritual and practice and, more importantly, in times like these, it can serve as your anchor to your sense of self and reality. This was my long way of saying how easily you can create an emotional home that you can always go back to. Spend a little time and embrace this cosmic journey with the warmth of your tea and the wisdom of astrology. As you brew a cup of tea, reflect on your chart and journal your thoughts, remember that with this course of action, you are creating a timeline for your next 20 years.

Here’s my seasonal favorite tea blend: Heka-Tea | Moon in Capricorn

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