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The Power of Aries Full Moon: Embracing Cosmic Energy with Saffron Tea

Greetings, Astro friends! As we celebrate the arrival of the Full Moon in Aries, I am reminded of the words I penned during the Aries New Moon. Allow me to share with you the essence of that cosmic reflection:

“As we welcome the new moon, let's remember that this marks the beginning of a new eclipse season that will unfold over the next year and a half, with the first checkpoint in six months. This cosmic event is truly remarkable, as it will continue to affect us for the next nine years until another Aries x Libra eclipse season occurs in reversal. After that, the story will conclude in another nine years, when the North Node returns to Aries and the South Node returns to Libra. Let's embrace this powerful energy and experience the transformative effects that this cosmic event can bring into our lives.”

It's hard to believe that six months have passed since then, but here we are, we find ourselves at the Aries Full Moon, a first check point in our Aries x Libra karmic journey. This is an important time to reflect on our journey up to this point since Aries season (March 20 - April 20), and contemplate the culmination of our current lives. What was your intentions and how is working so far? What aspects have remained unchanged that you wish to change? It is possible that during this Libra season, with the South Node in Libra, we are invited to explore profound and introspective themes of release, letting go, and surrendering to the natural ebb and flow of life's intricate tapestry.

During this Full Moon, the Moon in Aries reflects the radiant light of the Sun in Libra. The Sun is closely aligned with Asteroid Pallas Athene, emphasizing our creative intelligence. This alignment amplifies our receptive powers and enhances our ability to perceive creativity, beauty and harmony in the world around us. Meanwhile, Venus in Leo, after under going re-birth process over the summer, now shines brightly in the morning sky. Venus is conjunct Asteroid Juno, indicating that she has discovered a new sense of self, love, and creativity that she is ready and committed to bring forth.

However, there exists a subtle blockage represented by the Venus sextile to Mars in her home sign of Libra, coming close to passing over the South Node. This configuration indicates a hesitancy and discomfort that prevent us from reaching new heights and fully embracing our creative urges. To overcome this barrier, we need to let go of our resistance and surrender ourselves completely to inspiration and intuitive flow. By doing so, we unlock the full potential of the Sun-Pallas Athene antenna, enabling us to tune in, receive, and optimize the creative frequency that surround us. With renewed clarity and purpose, we can then refresh our path and set intentions for the journey ahead.

Happy Full Moon!

Oolong tea is widely known and cherished for its rich flavor and earthy aroma, providing a truly delightful sensory awakening. To enhance this already delightful experience, a carefully crafted blend of warm spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and star anise is added. This infusion of spices elevates the taste, giving the tea a comforting essence that perfectly complements the autumnal ambiance. The unique combination of flavors created by this blend is a true delight for our discerning taste buds.

However, the true star of this exquisite tea is the saffron thread. With its vibrant and mesmerizing color, the saffron thread imparts a subtle yet captivating flavor that adds an extra touch of magic to every sip. But it's not just the color that enchants; it's also the elegant fragrance that delicately wafts from this precious saffron thread, enveloping the tea-drinking experience in an ethereal and enchanting aura.

Indulge in this enchanting blend, which transports you to a realm where sophisticated flavors and friendly warmth collide, creating a perfect atmosphere to connect with this Full Moon.


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