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Hi, I'm Nat!

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Jeweler | Astrology + Akashic Records Reader

Soul-Thriving Business Guide | Crystal Healer

I see my business as an extension of my spiritual practice. My work is centered on helping clients connect with and integrate their multidimensional selves and activate their soul-thriving timeline by utilizing astrology and access to the Akashic Records. My astrology practice is rooted in Ancient Astrology, using whole sign charts, Hellenistic techniques, asteroids, along with various chart interpretation methods. I have a deep love for Greek Mythology, so they often comes up in my sessions. They are also an inspiration for Goddess Talisman Jewelry, which serves as personal amulets embodying the Goddess' essence. Healing crystals are used to amplify celestial energies, promote a deeper spiritual connection, and tune into one's unique vibrational frequency.

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For any questions, inquiries to start your soul-thriving journey. Looking forward to guiding you on your soul's journey!

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