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Magic Rituals for the Gemini New Moon to Capricorn Full Moon Cycle

Connecting with the Cosmos through Magic, Rituals and Spellcasting

Hello Astro friends! Today, I want to delve into the enchanting world of magic, rituals, and spellcasting. In a fascinating YouTube video on The Astrology Podcast, the esteemed traditional astrologer Demetra George explains that in ancient times, the astrological third house symbolized the house of Goddesses, sacred rites, and mystical rituals. While the ninth house, the house of God, dealt with religion, dogma, and abstract concepts, the third house was all about the tangible, immersive experience of performing rituals. So you see, in ancient times, practicing magic, performing rituals, and casting spells were closely connected to our everyday lives. By performing these rituals, we connect with the divine and communicate with the cosmos. With the New Moon in Gemini upon us, it's the perfect time to learn new ways to enhance our connection to the divine and improve communications.

However, I hear you say;

“But, Chai, I'm not a witch. I don't know how to cast spells.”

“I'm not sure if I'm doing it correctly.”

“I'm afraid I might attract negative energy/dark entity.”

Well, don't worry if you're not a witch and don't know where to even start. My friends, I'm here to show you how to do it! Everyone has a third house in their chart, which means everyone possesses the key to open it and access their inner magic. And there's no right or wrong way to do it - as long as your intention comes from a place of love, you're doing it the correct way. Similarly, as long as your intention comes from a place of love, you will not attract negative energy or invite dark entities into your energy field.

With that said, when it comes to practicing magic and performing rituals, it is important to feel grounded. This means creating an environment in which you feel safe and secure. One way to achieve this is by finding a quiet, peaceful corner in your home and setting up an altar specifically designated for these practices. You may also create a space for yourself to sit and meditate, allowing yourself to fully immerse in the experience. Leave your skepticism at the door, and approach your practice wholeheartedly.


As I pondered this topic, I was reminded of a cute little book called "A Spell a Day" by Cassandra Eason. A psychic friend of mine gifted me this book many years ago, but I never really delved into it, and it has just resided on my bookshelf all this time. As I gently took the book off the shelf, dusted it off, and opened its pages, my heart filled with excitement and anticipation. It was as if I was about to embark on a magical adventure, full of wonder and possibility.

In the introduction, saids that; “Welcome to the world of magic, where you can make anything happen in your everyday life. Using these easy-to-cast spells and the inner intuitive powers we all possess, you will be able to call to you what you want and banish whatever or whoever is causing you problems.”, see it’s perfect! The author states that although this book contains a spell for every day of the year, we can pick and choose the appropriate spell whenever we need it. So here’s a sequence of spells I picked for this moon cycle, Gemini New Moon to Capricorn Full Moon.

Are you feeling excited? I sure hope so! I'm thrilled to be able to share these spells with you, and I sincerely hope that they help you to feel more connected to the cosmos and to bring a little extra magic into your everyday life. Always remember that magic is all around us, and with an open mind and a loving heart, we can tap into its power and allow it to guide us on our journey.

Happy spellcasting!


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