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Full Moon & Disseminating Moon: Reflection and Celebration with Free Worksheets

Celebrate and Share: The Full Moon and Disseminating Moon Phases

The Full Moon and Disseminating Moon phases symbolize a joyful period of culmination and celebration. It is a moment when all the hard work we've put in since the New Moon starts to pay off. It's as if the cosmos is saying, "Hey, look at what you've achieved!" So, during this vibrant phase, have you noticed any of your dreams starting to take shape or any of your goals coming to life? It's the perfect time to give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate every single step forward.

If you haven't noticed any progress or have veered off course, that's okay! Perhaps the goal you initially set didn't align with your master plan. Often, we don't know what truly resonates with our soul until we explore. The Full Moon Phase is an ideal time to introspect and have a conversation with ourselves. Then, during the Disseminating Phase, we share our stories with each other.

I’ll share my story in the next newsletter! But for now, I want to help you reflect and share your journey with these worksheets.

Worksheet 1: Full Moon Reflection and Celebration

The Full Moon symbolizes a time of culmination and celebration. This is a moment to reflect on the progress you've made since the New Moon and celebrate your achievements. Use this worksheet to guide your reflections and honor your journey.

Reflection on Achievements:

  • List the goals you set during the New Moon.

  • What progress have you made towards these goals?

  • Which of your dreams have started to take shape?

  • Celebrate your achievements! Write down three things you are proud of achieving during this lunar cycle.

Gratitude Practice:

  • List five things you are grateful for in this phase of your journey.

  • How has your hard work and dedication paid off?

  • Who or what has supported you in achieving these goals? Express your gratitude towards them.


  • If you haven’t noticed any progress, what might have caused you to veer off course?

  • Reflect on whether the goals you set align with your soul's true desires.

  • What have you learned about yourself and your aspirations during this period?

Journaling Prompt:

  • Spend 10-15 minutes journaling on the following prompt: "How do I feel about the progress I've made, and what can I do to align my future goals more closely with my soul's desires?"

Worksheet 2: Disseminating Moon Sharing and Insight

The Disseminating Moon phase is a time for sharing and learning from our experiences. This worksheet will help you articulate your journey and gain insights from your reflections. Sharing your story can inspire others and strengthen your own understanding.

Story Sharing:

  • Write a brief summary of your journey from the New Moon to the Full Moon.

  • What were the key milestones and challenges you encountered?

  • How did you overcome any obstacles?

Lessons Learned:

  • What valuable lessons have you learned during this lunar cycle?

  • How can these lessons inform your future goals and actions?

  • Write down one piece of advice you would give to someone else based on your experiences.

Community Sharing:

  • Identify a community or group where you can share your story (e.g., a support group, social media, a spiritual community).

  • What platform will you use to share your experiences?

  • Draft a short message or post to share with your chosen community, highlighting your journey and insights.

Feedback and Connection:

  • Reach out to at least one person in your community and ask for their feedback on your story.

  • How did sharing your story make you feel?

  • What did you learn from the feedback you received?

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