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My First Day of Multidimensional Future Timeline Co-Creation Journey

Embracing the Energy of Asteroid Goddess Vesta

As I embarked on my Multidimensional Timeline Co-Creation Challenge, the goddess who came forward to guide me was Asteroid Vesta, known as Hestia in Greek mythology. Vesta, the virgin temple priestess, symbolizes wholeness and completeness within oneself. She is a representation of spiritual focus and unwavering devotion to one's calling. Vesta's presence in one's astrological chart often indicates a strong sense of duty towards personal goals or work, sometimes leading to personal sacrifices for the collective good or guiding others towards spiritual enlightenment.

In my natal chart, Vesta is positioned between Chiron and Saturn in the 11th house, which governs friendships and social groups. Throughout my life, I've felt the wounds of Chiron and the challenges of Saturn in this area. Growing up, I lacked long-term friends and often felt uncomfortable and out of place in group settings. However, as I navigate the period between my Chiron return (typically occurring between the ages of 46 and 52) and my second Saturn return (usually experienced between the ages of 58 and 60), I have been blessed with a supportive and intellectually stimulating group of friends. These friends not only provide mutual support through weekly gatherings but also extend our connections through shared studies, trips, rituals and metaphysical experiences. This enriches my social fabric, helping to heal my wounds.

Vesta's appearance in my awareness feels like a call to support and co-create my new dimension and future timeline with newfound healing and mastery. This realization reflects the hard work I've put in with Chiron and Saturn over the years. With Vesta's guidance, it's time to put this work into practice.

A Message from Vesta


-Through daily practice and dedication to my desires, I keep the fire of my soul from going out every day, and make my desires a reality."

This message from Vesta resonates deeply with me, emphasizing the importance of daily dedication to my desires and keeping the flame of my soul alive.

Shifting My Intention: Embracing Lightness

Initially, my intention for the challenge was to continue my weight loss journey that began during the last Full Moon. However, this journey has evolved beyond mere weight loss. It's now about how my body integrates into the Earth's new dimension, which requires us to be "lighter." The sensation of "lightness" in the body corresponds to lighter vibrations, while "light" in consciousness aligns with higher frequencies.

With this shift in focus, I will continue to track my weight and waist size as easy-to-measure metrics. However, the underlying intention has transformed. It's now about achieving a state of lightness that harmonizes with the Earth's new dimension, both physically and spiritually.

Join me on this transformative journey and let's co-create the Multidimensional Timeline together! Let's fill the new Earth with health, happiness, wealth, and higher consciousness.


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