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Procyon Water Magic Ritual: Manifest Your Desires with This Simple Spell

Before performing this magic ritual see the “Magic Invocation

You’ll need three empty glass, three piece of paper, a pen, and a separate glass or bottle of water.

  1. On each paper, write down your desires, affirmations, and dreams.

  2. Put it under each empty glass.

  3. Fill the first glass with water.

  4. Activate the energy flow in your hands by rubbing your palms together and then hold the glass/bottle.

  5. Recite the affirmations that you have written out loud or silently.

  6. Visualise what you are saying and repeat until and unless you feel that energy in you.

  7. Take three sip of the water.

  8. Fill the next glass with remaining water.

  9. Repeat 4-7.

  10. Do the same for the last glass.

You can finish drinking the water or pour onto the plants.


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