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Experience the Magic of Procyon: A Journey into the World of Magicians and Witches

In the magic estate of Procyon, we do everything in count of three.

Now close your eyes and take a deep inhale- Hold- one, two, three- exhale. Keep your eyes close.


Welcome to the magical world of Procyon, where magicians dedicate themselves to magic, while witches devote themselves to their craft.

In the garden of Marigold, with the aurora in the sky, birds are chirping and the winds are flawless.

Chickens are running around like their head got cut off, cats and dogs are fighting like cats and dogs.

Within the chaos, we find a stillness.

Welcome to the Procyon, step into the magical vibration, where you too gonna be Magician and witches.

In this magical estate, everything appears in count of three.

You wanna tea? uno, dos, tres- here’s your tea, take a sip.

You wanna cake? un, deux, trois- here’s your cake.

Now next count of three, think some thing you don’t want. ichi, ni, san- do you see something you don’t want? Now, wave your hand and erase the image, see it’s gone.

So, now you see how it works, open your eyes in next count of three and enjoy your stay!

Tic, Toc, Toe...


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