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Chiron's Healing Gift: Guiding Us Through the Aftermath of the Lunar Eclipse

Chiron to the Rescue

The recent Lunar Eclipse brought with it a powerful cosmic storm that left many of us feeling vulnerable, with wounds left open and bloodshed. It was a time of intense emotions, and many of us were left reeling from the experience. However, there is hope on the horizon, in the form of Chiron.

Chiron, also known as the Wounded Healer, has arrived during a crucial moment. It is a comet that symbolizes healing and restoration, and it has come just in time to help us recover from the aftermath of the recent Lunar Eclipse. As the Moon entered Sagittarius, it trined Chiron in Aries, bringing aid to the disaster area and guiding us back to a new sense of normal life. It was as if the storm had stripped away all the superficialities, leaving us exposed in our rawest form. But fear not, for this is a blessing in disguise!

Chiron's influence is incredibly powerful as it helps us to break down the barriers that may have been preventing us from healing and to find new ways to grow and thrive. This is a time of great transformation, and Chiron is here to guide us on our journey towards wholeness. With Chiron's guidance, we can feel confident in our ability to heal and move forward from the challenges that life throws our way.

So, let's welcome the new world, astro friends!

Delving into the Chart

Here is a chart showing the exact time when the Moon trined Chiron. It's as if the Moon activated Chiron to come to the rescue of the disaster area, indicated by Mars in the 8th house of Cancer. The opposition between Mars and Pluto suggests that in order to make this transition, we must delve into our underlying emotions and face our fears and challenges head-on.

Let's delve into the chart and examine how it relates to our current situation. The placement of Mars in Cancer suggests that our wounds and the need for rescue are intertwined. Cancer placements are known for their nurturing, compassionate, and loving nature. However, we may constrain ourselves in expressing these traits, sometimes neglecting our own needs. This can lead to denying our heart's desires and struggling to find ways to channel our emotional abundance. Physical and creative blocks may also hinder our growth.

When wounds manifest in the 8th house, they often take the form of psychological and moral discomfort, feelings of awkwardness, or issues surrounding safety, shared resources, experiences, and sexuality with others. This can make it challenging to protect ourselves or bond with others.

Thankfully, Chiron's healing gift in Aries is a blessing during times of crisis. Chiron in Aries are known for their crisis counseling abilities and are often the first ones their friends turn to during emergencies. They have the ability to objectively point out what others need to bring balance and peace to a situation and can help break negative patterns. Those who possess a heightened understanding of thoughts and emotions bring a much-needed sense of calm to those around them. If you know anyone with these qualities, turn to them for support. Or, if you possess these qualities, be the one to bring calm to those around you.

So, you see, the cosmos are looking out for us! Let’s channel the healing energy of Chiron that’s showering upon us!

Here is the piece of jewelry that we would like to present to you:

And the tea recipe to connect and physically aid us:

Nettle and Yarrow Tea Recipe:


  • 1 part dried nettle

  • 1 part dried yarrow

  • Honey water


  1. Boil water in a kettle.

  2. Add boiled water to honey and stir.

  3. Use a tea infuser or a strainer to steep 1 part dried nettle and 1 part dried yarrow in a cup of hot honey water for 10 minutes.

  4. Enjoy the healing benefits of this delicious tea!

Note: Nettle and Yarrow have been used for centuries for their medicinal properties. Nettle is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties, while yarrow is known for its ability to stimulate digestion and boost the immune system. Together, they make a powerful healing tea.

Remember, change can be difficult, but it is also necessary for growth. Let go of old patterns and beliefs that are holding you back, and embrace the new world. This is a time of great potential, and with Chiron's guidance, anything is possible. So, take a deep breath, and let the healing begin.

Stay tuned for more insights from the cosmos, and until then, don't forget to look up!


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