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Lunar Eclipse Activation

Vertex in Astrology: Fate and Interpersonal Relationships - series number 2

Now that we have delved into Vertex, let's take a look at the lunar eclipse:

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth, and Moon align, causing the Moon to pass into Earth's shadow during the Full Moon. Throughout history, eclipses have been regarded as ominous omens in many cultures, believed to foretell the future and signify the advent of change. This phenomenon is often seen as a time of intense energy and transformation, which can help us release old patterns, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve us. Some even believe that the eclipse can bring about fated and karmic shifts and events.

During a Lunar Eclipse, one's internal world is illuminated, heightening intuition and bringing forth deep internal transformations. This is an opportune time for manifestation and release, as old patterns, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve us are shed. The alignment of the Sun, Moon, Earth, and Lunar Nodes creates a powerful force that can activate placements in the chart when they align with it.

The placement of a sensitive point, such as the Vertex, can be activated by the energy of the eclipse, which may bring about significant shifts or events in an individual's life. The type of aspect formed between the Vertex and the natal or transiting planet can provide valuable insights into the nature of the encounter or relationship that an individual may experience.

Here's a deeper look into my placement:

  • Vertex 15º Scorpio opposite Moon 15º Taurus

  • Lunar Eclipse Moon 14º Scorpio Sun 14º Taurus

  • Scorpio 6th House x Taurus 12th House

The Moon opposition to Vertex typically presents individuals with lessons that revolve around balancing their emotional needs with the needs of those around them. This can be achieved by establishing a strong awareness of oneself as an individual. Opponents of this aspect suggest that others may require emotional support and may look to you as a source of comfort and assurance.

Individuals who have this aspect in their natal chart may experience difficulties in accepting their social skills and the potential benefits that can arise from collaborating with others. They may not realize that they are more appreciated and valued by their friends and acquaintances than they initially assumed.

When activated, individuals may encounter challenges in balancing and evaluating their own emotional needs, as well as those of others. However, by doing so, they can ultimately acknowledge their potential for working collaboratively while remaining true to their own needs, leading to a more fulfilling and enriched life experience.

Vertex in Scorpio

When Vertex in Scorpio is activated, individuals may face particularly challenging karmic lessons related to themes of power, control, and emotional intensity. They may find themselves drawn to situations that force them to confront their deepest fears and insecurities, and may struggle to find balance between their desire for emotional connection and their need for independence and self-sufficiency.

At the same time, Scorpio karma can also be incredibly transformative and empowering. Individuals who are able to confront their deepest fears and insecurities may find a renewed sense of purpose and direction in life, and may be able to tap into powerful reserves of inner strength and resilience.

The activation of the Vertex in Scorpio can also indicate a powerful attraction to others, particularly those with whom they share a strong karmic connection. These connections may be intense and transformative, and may challenge individuals to confront their deepest fears and insecurities in order to grow and evolve.

Vertex in 6th House

Individuals with Vertex in the 6th House are likely to experience activation of their inherent qualities of service, practicality, and constructive criticism. When activated, an individual may find themselves gravitating towards situations that require their analytical and problem-solving skills. They may be drawn to work that involves helping others, such as healthcare, social work, or teaching.

Additionally, they may also be interested in esoteric practices, and may feel compelled to explore and share their knowledge with others.

The activation of the 6th House Vertex can also bring about significant changes in an individual's life related to their health and well-being. They may become more conscious of their physical and mental health, and may be motivated to make changes to their lifestyle or seek out alternative healing practices. They may also find themselves in situations that require them to take on greater responsibility, such as managing a team or running a business.

While the activation of the 6th House Vertex can bring about transformative experiences and personal growth, it may also come with challenges. Individuals with this placement may find themselves facing criticism or challenges in their work or personal life, which can be difficult to navigate. However, by drawing on their practical insights and constructive criticism, they can learn to overcome these challenges and emerge stronger and more resilient.


Wow, this sounds powerful! To me, this event represents an alignments of the most karmic points on my natal chart, creating a powerful portal that activates them in a transformative way. It's as if the universe is opening a door for me to explore new possibilities and tap into my full potential. It's an exciting and transformative time, and to be honest, I'm a little scared about what might happen, but also excited at the same time.

I associate the last Lunar Eclipse with the South Node in Scorpio, with the Death card in tarot. This indicates that intense emotions, heavy purging, and the agony of regeneration are unavoidable. It marks the conclusion of chapter before I step into my true power and embark on a new journey to fulfill my soul's contract and purpose in this lifetime. It may sound a bit dramatic, but that's exactly how I feel, and this energy carries great significance.

Now, it's time to call upon my spirit guides, Arcturians, angels and ancestors. I'll put up barriers and create a safe space for performing ritual and magic, meditating and enjoying a good cup of tea. Perhaps, I'll tell you all about it afterwards.

I extend my best wishes to all of you and hope that fortune will favor each and every one of us. With a positive outlook and a bit of hard work, we can achieve great things. Best of luck to you all!


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