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Yearly Horoscope

Happy Solar Return to Taurus Season!

This solar return to Taurus season start off with bang! Just before the Sun cross the line into constellation of Taurus, a New Moon Eclipse occurs at 29 degrees and 50 minutes of Aries. The mood of cosmos is amplified with powerful Eclipse energy.


Eclipses are powerful cosmic events that tend to bring unexpected events and opportunities, often revealing hidden information. They also mark a turning point in our lives, accelerating developments and often leading to swift and sudden changes. As the nodes of the Moon move through the axis of Taurus-Scorpio, eclipses have been occurring in your sign for the past year and a half. Furthermore, Taurusians have been greatly impacted by cosmic alignments since 2018, when the planet of disruption, Uranus, resided in their sign, accompanied by constant bashing from Saturn in Aquarius.


However, this year, Saturn is finally moving to Pisces, lifting the pressure, and likely this year will be a dramatic finale to what you have been working towards; your transformation to your ideal being.


With that big finale of your chapter comes a brand-new beginning, new chapter of your life, and this year, Taurus, you are blessed with luck and fortune by Jupiter moving into your sign on May 16th! So, dream up everything you've ever wanted and anything you want for your future; if this isn't the time for you to manifest your dream, I don't know when! However, being patient will go a long way; it may take an entire year before you start seeing the outline of the picture you painted in your mind. It's important to stay focused on your dream and create talismans or amulets that remind you of this goal. On May 19th, a New Moon in Taurus will occur, providing a great opportunity to tap into the moon's energy and set your intentions.


July is set to be a huge month for Taurus, as the celestial energy shift brings about a new wave of potential for personal growth. With your ruling planet, Venus turning retrograde in Leo and the Lunar Nodes shifting their axis to Aries-Libra, this is an ideal time to reflect upon how you have transformed and how you want to move forward. This might pertain to your relationships, home, and family, as well as work. So, take the time to contemplate each area of your life and determine what is aligned with your core and what is not. This is the time for truth, for what you believe in your core, and for clearing up any confusion about your life path. Take notes and journal to really get into your core; you will have the chance to make any necessary changes when the second set of eclipses occur in the fall.


At the same time, another area you might want to pay close attention to is your area of finance. With Jupiter's presence in your sign, you may find yourself more generous than usual. You might feel compelled to take risks where you are usually very cautious. Especially when Venus travel through lavish sign of Leo, you may find yourself wanting to go all out when it comes to fashion, love, and consumption — even if you don't necessarily have the funds. Therefore, keep an eye on your budget and make smart decisions with your money. Jupiter's influence from the cosmos can be a powerful ally in your financial if used it wisely, it could give a great boost to your bottom line!


Once the season transitions to autumn, you should feel much more grounded, stabilized, and comfortable in your own skin. You will be able to reconnect with your true self and find a place of inner peace and security. The months of October and November are the perfect time to stay away from the hustle and bustle of life, take time to heal, rejuvenate, and recover. It is also an ideal period to plan a soulful getaway with your friends or even just take a break from work and enjoy some much-needed respite.


When the holiday season rolls around, expect things to pick up pace. The stars are gathering in your public sector, bringing a festive holiday cheer! You might be asked to host a party, as you seem to exude a generous aura. You might also have development in your relationships. This could pertain to your romantic relationships, as well as business partnerships or contracts of some sort. This is an exciting energy, but if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Leave your rose-colored glasses on your nightstand and always look through the lens from your core.


The stars are forecasting that you will start the new year 2024 with big aspirations! You will be feeling creative and ambitious, ready to take on the world. If you've been considering a new venture, honing your skills/studies, or enrolling in a certification program, this is the year to do it! Even if you weren't planning to, it may become necessary, as you may be asked to take on a new role that require additional training for your job. Also, you will be blessed with luck and success on long-distance journeys and adventures. This is a great year to finally make your dream vacation a reality!


Your Valentine's Day in 2024 could be more of a love affair with your work than a romantic one. However, when Venus, Mars, and Pluto all line up in your career sector, it signifies a major transformation in your public persona; this could mean a career change, as well as an engagement or marriage that you will publicly announce.


As this solar year comes to an end, it will end with a bang, just as how it started. However, this time around you are much more confident in yourself; You can clearly see the vast amount of personal growth you have experienced in just one year, and you feel accomplished for what you have sown. You might be wondering, what's next?

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