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Yearly Horoscope

Happy Solar Return, Cosmic Scorpion!

As we celebrate your Solar Return, dear Scorpio, we have an extraordinary opportunity for introspection and self-discovery. This season invites us to delve deep within ourselves, like skilled archaeologists uncovering hidden gems, to reveal the treasures that lie within. So here we go, into our internal cave and awaken our sleeping wisdom…

This solar year brings a sense of relief as the South Node of the Moon moved away from your sign, releasing the pressure that may have weighed upon you for past few years. During the time of Nodal axis in Scorpio x Taurus, introspect, excavate the shadow, purge, rinse, and repeat may have felt mandatory. However, this year grants you the freedom to explore your shadow side at your leisure.

As the Sun enters your sign, it is accompanied by the vibrant presence of Mercury, Mars and Asteroid Ceres. Mars, feeling right at home in Scorpio, brings forth a surge of energy and assertiveness to support your endeavors. This powerful alignment empowers you to take bold action and make significant progress in both your personal and professional life. With Mercury's influence, your communication skills are sharpened, allowing you to express your thoughts and ideas with clarity and conviction.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to note that Mercury is still in the combustion stage, suggesting the need for caution before charging ahead with full force. The Sun's trine with Saturn retrograde in Pisces indicates the importance of careful planning to ensure a fruitful return on your investments. The presence of Ceres, the asteroid archetype of the mother, indicates the protection surrounding your endeavors and the need for nurturing efforts. In terms of development, asteroid Ceres symbolizes the child and the beginning stage.

So, what pursuits and investments are we talking about? Let us turn our attention to your guardian planet, Mars. The alignment of the Sun conjunct Mars in your solar return suggests that endeavors and investments requiring physical prowess and harnessing your energy and passion will prove favorable for you. Engaging in creative pursuits that ignite your courage, vitality, and strength can lead to remarkable achievements. However, maintaining balance and avoiding extremes is crucial, as an abundance of energy may sometimes lead to tendencies of exaggeration, impulsiveness, and aggression. It is key to channel this potent energy towards positive outcomes.

The conjunction of Mercury and Mars infuses you with immense mental energy, rendering you highly active and mentally alert. This suggests that pursuits and investments involving enterprise and business align well with keen mind and broad perspective on life. However, guarding against impulsive actions and the temptation to rush towards objectives too hastily is important. Remaining open to the opinions of others and seeking understanding can help avoid getting entangled in heated arguments.

Considering the opposition between Mars and Jupiter, it is paramount to acknowledge and overcome potential challenges associated with tendencies towards over-optimism, intemperance, and restlessness. While your enthusiasm knows no bounds and you pour tremendous energy into everything you embrace, maintaining a balanced and grounded approach will help ensure long-term success and prevent potential pitfalls.

Now, let us explore matters of the heart. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, beckons our attention. Venus resides in Virgo, with co-presence of Asteroid Juno-Black Moon Lilith conjunction, forming a trine with Jupiter in her home sign of Taurus.

Venus in Virgo is considered a placement of Fall. This is where, Venus may have a tendency to be nit-picky and overly critical, paying close attention to even the smallest flaws or imperfections. With the co-presence of the Juno-Black Moon Lilith conjunction, she is committed to speaking up about what has been dormant in your deep psyche. Asteroid Juno symbolizes marriage and committed partnerships, while Black Moon Lilith, the furthest point of the Moon from Earth, represents our shadow-self and what has been suppressed from expression. They are conjoining, urging Venus to express her innermost authentic self. Interestingly, this aspect aligns well with Mars in Scorpio.

The combination of Venus and Mars often indicates our love life and speaks to the nature of our relationships. This year, Mars's assertiveness and drive complement Venus's attention to detail and desire for genuine expression. You are not looking for superficial relationships this year. Instead, you will yearn for deep connections, meaningful communication, and a safe and sacred space for authentic interactions and intimacy.

The alignment between Venus and Jupiter in your solar return brings forth auspicious opportunities for love, marriage, and social success. This aspect is associated with wealth, culture, and the management of valuable assets, indicating that your high aspirations, ambitions, and motives will lead to social recognition, popularity, and respect. You may also find benefit in travel during this time, and your romantic relationships are likely to be harmonious and fulfilling, contributing to a happy and prosperous union.

This year presents an opportune time to nurture your relationships and invest in the emotional connection with your loved one. By expressing your affection and appreciation, you deepen the love and establish a solid foundation for a long-lasting and fulfilling partnership. Remember to maintain a balanced approach and avoid extremes, as excessive optimism or restlessness may create unnecessary tension. Prioritizing open communication, trust, and shared growth will continue to fuel the flourishing of your love life, bringing you immense joy and satisfaction.

In your everyday life, the position of the Moon holds valuable insights. In your solar return chart, the Moon is waxing, in the First Quarter Moon Phase. This phase symbolizes growth, action, and adjustments, signifying a period of assessing the current path and calibrating towards your intentions and goals.


Additionally, the Moon resides in Aquarius, enhancing your inspiration and connection to humanity as a whole. You may be called to prioritize the bigger picture and embrace large-scale movements and group work during this solar year, rather than being bound by tradition or domestic ties. Your focus may lie more in collective endeavors rather than individual pursuits, embodying the true essence of democracy. You may value freedom and motivated to making a positive impact on the world around you.

The Moon sextile Chiron brings an opportunity for emotional healing and growth. You may experience a deep sense of empathy and compassion towards yourself and others. This aspect encourages you to explore and address any emotional wounds or past traumas, allowing for healing and transformation. It is a favorable time to seek therapy, engage in self-reflection, and participate in activities that promote emotional well-being. This aspect also enhances your ability to connect with others on a deeper level and offer support and understanding. Overall, this aspect invites healing and emotional growth, empowering you to embrace your vulnerabilities and find inner strength in your daily life this solar year.

The Moon also forms a sextile with the Node of Fate and a trine with the Node of Karma, suggesting a harmonious alignment between your emotions and your life's purpose. This placement indicates that your emotional experiences and connections with others are intertwined with your karmic path and destiny. You may find that in your daily life this year, your interactions and relationships with people naturally align with the lessons and experiences that you are meant to learn and grow from. This aspect also implies that your emotional well-being and personal growth play a significant role in your journey towards fulfilling your life's purpose. By paying attention to your emotions and the guidance they offer, you can navigate through a day with a sense of purpose and alignment with your higher self.

In your daily life, dear Scorpio, let’s not over-look the Moon squaring Uranus. This astrological aspect brings forth an invigorating and exhilarating energy that urges you to break free from boundaries and explore uncharted territories. When faced with challenges, it encourages you to think outside the box and embrace new possibilities. By pushing the limits and questioning the norms, you open yourself up to true growth and transformation. So, release any fears or hesitations and embrace the excitement and freedom that comes with breaking away from tradition.

So, the Moon encourages you to embrace emotional healing, self-reflection, and connections with others that contribute to your personal and spiritual evolution. It is a reminder to trust the synchronicities and opportunities that arise in your daily life, as they are connected to your destiny and the fulfillment of your soul's journey.

Regarding your spirituality for this solar year, the harmonious alignment between the Sun, Saturn, Mars, and Asteroid Vesta holds great significance. This powerful connection forms a grand water trine, representing a deeply nourishing and abundant spirituality that will bear rich fruits in your life. It suggests that your spiritual journey will be filled with meaningful insights, profound growth, and a strong sense of purpose.

In the realm of spirituality, the celestial presence of Vesta, symbolizing devotion and the sacred flame within, reminds you of the importance of commitment and focus in your work, relationships, and spiritual practices. Vesta calls upon you to prioritize what truly holds meaning for you and to cultivate a sense of sacredness and unwavering dedication in all aspects of your life. Embrace this divine calling and allow it to guide you towards a profound connection with your practice.

Dear Scorpio, as Saturn graces Pisces, it invites you to embark on a transformative journey of spiritual exploration. This journey is a sacred and profound experience that has the potential to bring about remarkable changes in your life. Saturn, serving as a container for divine water, represents a boundless source of energy and wisdom. As you embrace this auspicious energy, you open yourself up to a world of endless possibilities that transcend your physical reality. This transformative journey will guide you towards a deeper connection with your inner self and the divine.

Trust in the divine wisdom and the transformative power of this grand water trine, as it holds the potential to bring about profound positive changes in your spiritual path. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in this profound experience and embrace the limitless potential it offers.

May this solar year be filled with spiritual growth, profound insights, and a deep sense of purpose. Embrace the depths of your being and let your radiant light shine upon the world, dear Scorpio.

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