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Yearly Horoscope

Happy Solar Return, Cosmic Scales!

As the radiant Sun gracefully enters your sign, dear Libra, you’ll be in the company of Pallas Athene; the Goddess of Wisdom, the warrior Mars, and the South Node of the Moon, also known as the Node of Karma. This signifies, the upcoming year holds profound significance in terms of recognizing and addressing the aspects of yourself that may have been functioning less optimally or remained unclear. It presents a valuable opportunity to delve deeper into self-understanding and gain a clear understanding of your true essence. The stars are aligning and speaking to you. It is time to release any lingering negative karmic patterns and realign your life's path with your true destiny and become your authentic self.

As a Libra, you have always had a keen sense of justice and a desire for fairness. However, in the past, you may have held back on acting on these desires, opting instead to keep the peace and avoid confrontation. This year, the stars are encouraging you to step up and stand your ground, to fight for what you believe in and pursue your desires.

This is a year of growth and self-discovery for you. You have the potential to create positive change in your relationships and in your life as a whole. Take the time to reflect on your past experiences, learn from them, and use them to guide your decisions moving forward. Remember that you have the power to bring balance and harmony to any situation, and that you can achieve your desires by embracing your inner warrior.

Further enhancing the cosmic influence, your ruling planet Venus gracefully resides in Leo, in conjunction with the Goddess of Marriage; Asteroid Juno. This celestial alignment highlights themes of love and commitment, making it an essential aspect to observe and nurture throughout the year. Your relationships, particularly those intertwined with intense emotions, may prompt you to seek reconciliation, rekindle love, heal past wounds, or bring about justice and closure to previous situations that feel unfinished. On this chart, Venus and Mars are forming a sextile. These two planets are often associated with love relationships, and the sextile indicates a friendly situation. This could mean that you and the other person are already friends, or that your love relationship may start as friends. For those who are already married or in established relationships, this aspect signifies "resources," "amends," and actively working towards improving the relationships.

With these two feminine celestial energies in Leo forming a trine with the Wounded Healer-Chiron in Aries, a fiery energy is ignited, fostering transformation and healing. You are urged to embrace your inner strength, courage, and creativity. A surge of passion and enthusiasm towards your goals may propel you forward, empowering you to achieve remarkable progress. This energy also invites you to confront any wounds or traumas that may be hindering your growth, allowing for their release and healing. Consider engaging in rituals involving fire as a means to harness this powerful energy.

Another celestial aspect worth considering is the Venus-Juno square to Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. As you may know, Taurus is also ruled by Venus, your guiding planet. This aspect may create a sense of resistance to stepping beyond your comfort zone and discomfort in the face of unexpected situations. However, it's important to note that giving in to this resistance could potentially cause you to miss out on extraordinary opportunities that can profoundly transform your life for the better. Embrace the unknown, dear Libra, and trust in the wondrous gifts that the cosmos has in store for you this year.

In a simultaneous celestial alignment, the Sun forms a square with the Moon in the First Quarter Moon phase. This phase invites you to take a moment to pause, reflect, and carefully assess the path you are currently on. It presents an opportunity to make necessary adjustments and corrections in order to move forward with clarity and purpose. While the opposition between the Sun and Neptune may signify an unclear path and bring some confusion, it also opens the door to a profound spiritual awakening and exploration of the next chapter in your spiritual journey. If you haven't already, consider incorporating a daily meditation practice to connect with your spirituality.

On a brighter note, the Moon forms a harmonious trine with Mercury in Virgo and Jupiter in Taurus. This creates a beautiful and grounded grand Earth trine in the sky that assures you that as long as you take your time and move forward one step at a time, everything is going to be alright. The sextile to Saturn indicates the availability of support during this transformative phase. As the Moon conjuncts Pluto and transitions to Aquarius, it symbolizes that you are at a crossroads in your transformation. The significance of this transformation will be noteworthy in your overall life's journey.

As the radiant Sun gracefully transitions from your sign and enters the mysterious realm of Scorpio, it joins forces with Mercury, Mars, and the nurturing Asteroid Ceres, also known as the Mother Goddess. The Moon cycle has now shifted to Waxing Gibbous, and Venus is in Virgo, forming a harmonious trine with Jupiter. This celestial alignment serves as a powerful confirmation that you have gained a profound clarity regarding your life's purpose. With this newfound understanding, you have acquired a deep wisdom of the necessary steps to take, the precise direction to embark upon, and the unwavering motivation to manifest your aspirations into reality.

With the Sun moving into Sagittarius, it forges ahead of Mars and Ceres on 29º of Scorpio, while swift Mercury is already in the detriment sign of Sagittarius, forming a sextile to Venus, now in your sign, Libra. This cosmic alignment indicates that you are ready to take action, feeling confident and enthusiastic about pursuing your goals. The fiery energy of Sagittarius will ignite your passion and drive, propelling you forward on your path with full force. But wait, it is truly the right time? The Sun squares Saturn, which may suggest that challenges lie ahead if you act impulsively. It may be wise to spend time planning and learning more, or take a break and enjoy some time exploring.

A remarkable opportunity awaits as the Sun aligns with Pluto in Aquarius, marking a significant turning point. With Mars in a position of exaltation in Capricorn with Mercury forming a harmonious trine with Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus. All the careful planning and path-clearing have paid off. Now is the time to trust your instincts and have unwavering confidence in your abilities. Embrace this auspicious moment with courage and take bold steps towards embracing the opportunity that lies before you. Rest assured, the cosmic forces are not only supporting you but also guiding you on this transformative journey of growth and advancement.

During the period when the Sun moves into the dreamy sign of Pisces, it may be an opportune time to direct your focus towards your relationships. This is especially true as your ruling planet Venus aligns with Mars in Aquarius. Additionally, the presence of transformational Pluto, our mental body Mercury, and the shapeshifter Asteroid Chariklo in Aquarius emphasizes the significance of communication, trust, and emotional connection within your relationships. It presents an ideal time to deepen your understanding of your partner and cultivate a solid foundation of love and support. You can utilize this period to openly express your needs and desires, and explore new avenues for connection and personal growth together, call in the relationships that resonate with your heart's desires.

During the seasons of Gemini and Cancer, you can look forward to a period of remarkable growth, notable progress towards your goals, and profound transformation. Just before the Sun transitions from Taurus to Gemini, it will form a powerful alignment with Uranus, Jupiter, and Venus, creating a beautiful cosmic dance. Additionally, the Sun will also form a favorable sextile aspect with Neptune and a harmonious trine with Pluto, further enhancing the ethereal and transformative energies during this time. It is worth noting that these seasons will also witness the culmination of your Moon phase, allowing it to reach its full potential and illuminate your path. Moreover, your ruling planet Venus will conjunct with the Sun in Gemini, marking a significant new Venus star point and signaling the beginning of a fresh chapter filled with love, beauty, and harmony in your life. And let's not forget, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance, will make its grand entrance into Gemini, infusing the season with a sense of optimism, growth, and exciting new opportunities.

As the Sun enters Leo, your guiding planet Venus aligns with our eternal flame, Asteroid Vesta. This alignment signifies that not only are your creative abilities flourishing, but they are also expanding to new heights. It suggests that your artistic talents and innovative ideas are not only thriving, but they are also evolving and transforming, allowing you to express yourself in even more distinctive and captivating ways than ever before. Additionally, with Mercury in Leo, opposing the Moon, and forming a T-square with Uranus, this cosmic configuration indicates determination and the capacity to bring about change.

As the last two months of your solar year unfold, it's time to embrace all the amazing changes you've cultivated throughout the year. This is a perfect moment to fully immerse yourself in celebrating your growth and evolution. Delight in expressing yourself in novel and exhilarating ways that reflect the true essence of your being, bringing boundless joy into your life. This precious period offers a magnificent celestial dance, inviting you to bask in the radiance of your journey and shine brightly with the unique magic that resides within you.

As you continue your journey into the future, remember to carry the enchantment and wisdom you have acquired throughout this year. May your journey be adorned with brilliance, and may you radiate your unique and captivating essence along the way!


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