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Solar-Mercury Ritual and Talisman for Virgo Season

Greetings, Astro friends! I'm thrilled to be sharing my journey with you as I embark on a two-session workshop called "Call Down the Planets" at Kepler College. The workshop is super hands-on and help us learn to work with the celestial bodies in a personal and meaningful way.

Yesterday, on Wednesday 23rd August 2023, the Sun entered Virgo at 5:01 am and Mercury stationed retrograde at 3:59 pm in my time (Columbus OH). Additionally, I noticed that Jupiter is in conjunction with my natal Moon for a month, and as the Sun enters Virgo, it will also be in conjunction with my natal Jupiter. Given that my chart ruler is Mercury, I decided to perform a ritual.

My intention is to improve my analytical perception to better understand my work environment and optimize it. I’m a jeweler working from my home studio for over 10 years, and recently my interest got taking over by astrology. I have started to merge these two interests by creating talisman jewelry. As I move further into this direction, I want to effectively plan and organize my workspace/studio to ensure that I can work efficiently and with a flow of energy and inspiration.


I humbly petition for the strength to undertake the process of re-organizing my workspace/studio. I am seeking the support and assistance of the divine forces to grant me the necessary strength to complete this endeavor successfully.

As I envision the organization of my surroundings, I imagine a magical force guiding every item to its rightful place in a harmonious and efficient manner. Within this uncluttered and serene environment, I can feel my spirit being lifted up and my productivity increasing as I am no longer distracted by the chaos of disorganization.


  • At 8:02 am, step outside facing the Sun to greet and acknowledge the start of the Sun-Mercury ritual.

  • Wear clothing in multiple colors and coordinate them.

    • Sun: yellow, orange

    • Mercury: blue, grey, multicolor

  • Wear sun-spiral with Amethyst earrings.

  • 3:40 on Mercury hour, blew a tea and make organizing plan while drinking the tea.


  • Mental Energizing Tea:

    • Marigold (sun) + mugwort (mercury)

    • Cinnamon (sun) + anise (mercury)

  • Multiple color coordination

  • Sun-spiral earrings

As I continue to work with the celestial bodies and explore the depths of astrology, I have been particularly drawn to asteroid Hekate during this moon cycle. Through my journey, I have experienced a great deal of meaningful growth and development, which I am eager to share with all of you!


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