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Skipped Steps in Astrology

Skipped Steps in Astrology: Understanding and Resolving Past Life Issues

While discussing Chiron wounds and their connection to unresolved past life issues indicated by the Nodes of the Moon in an astrology study group, a fellow member mentioned the term "skipped steps," which piqued my interest. I had heard of this concept before and knew that it was a key component of Evolutional Astrology. But how exactly does one interpret a Skipped Step and apply it to one's chart? I decided to delve deeper into this topic and explore its complexities.

Here's what I gathered from the worldwide web and marinated with my own understanding:

The concept of "skipped steps" refers to planets or celestial bodies that square the Nodes and represent unresolved, specific issues that an individual has carried over from previous lives into their current life. These issues may have been ignored willfully in a past life, unrecognized or unresolved, or simply not given enough attention to be fully resolved. Skipped Steps can also include planets in opposition to one another that both square the Nodes, in the case of a Grand Cross.

Squares to the Nodes require resolution before an individual can even begin to evolve into their North Node's soul mission. One way to help oneself along this journey is to look at the "Resolution Node," which is essentially the Node (either the North or the South Node) that was last in conjunction with the planet or planets in the square formation. By doing this, one can get a better idea of how to resolve these Skipped Step issues.

When working with Skipped Steps, it's important to focus on the closer skipped steps before the weaker ones and always look at the actual life lived to see if you can find any kind of stumbling block that the planet seems to correspond to in real life. Don't rely too much on cookbook descriptions on skipped steps. Just look at the archetypes involved as you try to map what the skipped step is about.

Interpreting a Skipped Step involves following several steps: first, what is the planet it self describing? Then, look at the sign in which the planet is located, outlining its archetype and giving us a better understanding of the planet’s role. Next, determining the house in which the planet is located helps fill in the details and colors the outline. Then, ask the question: How would this skipped step have prevented the person from reaching their North Node? If one can find an answer to this question that makes perfect sense, then they have just succeeded in mapping a major obstacle to soul evolution.

A natal square to one's nodal axis in their chart usually represents something they didn't accomplish in their past life and continue to stumble upon in this life. One has to get it right before they can leave the past behind and finally move forward.

If one does have a natal planet that squares their nodes, this will be a challenge they will have to overcome several times in the course of their life, but they will get better and better at it, becoming more advanced and skilled. In that sense, a square can actually be a blessing.

If the resolution node is the North Node, it means that the person is invited to embrace a new dynamic connected with the North Node as a means of resolution. If the resolution node is the South Node, it means that they are invited to revisit old dynamics in a new way as a means of resolving the skipped step. The South Node will then find a new, more positive expression, and the way to the North Node will be cleared.

It's important to remember to focus on the archetypes involved and to approach the interpretation with an open mind. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interpreting Skipped Steps, but by following these steps and keeping an open mind, one can gain a better understanding of these unresolved past life issues and how to overcome them.

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I am deeply fascinated by the concepts of karma, fate, and past lives, and I always look at charts from that perspective, and the "Skipped Steps" concept really intrigues me. Although I was a bit disappointed to not see any skipped steps in my own natal chart, I am eager to explore their potential activation through transit. Currently, I am working on a chart with Skipped Step-Pluto. Interpreting a chart is a highly personalized process that requires looking at the chart as a whole. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to interpreting Skipped Steps (or any placement for the matter), but by following the outlined steps and keeping an open mind, the story that can be told is truly amazing!


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