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Natsuko Jewelry: Astrological Talisman Jewelry Collection

Hello, Astro friends!

My name is Natsuko, and I am a Jeweler Astrologer with over two decades of experience in craft of jewelry-making. Since 2007, I have been fervently sharing my passion for handmade jewelry through my Etsy shop. My specialty lies in crafting bespoke, personalized pieces tailored for special occasions. Among my best selling pieces are the Bronze jewelry for the 8th wedding anniversary.

Now, it is my pleasure to introduce you to my newest pride and joy: the Astrological Talisman jewelry collection. Here, I combine my knowledge of astrology with my passion for jewelry-making to create truly unique pieces infused with magical cosmic energy.

Talisman-making is an ancient practice of infusing divine energy into an object, often used for protection or to bring good fortune to the wearer. To obtain this "divine energy," I look into astrological charts or simply infuse particular planetary energy, such as "Chiron," "New Moon," "Eclipse," and so on. If it's a talisman for a natal chart, I look for the most auspicious and protective energy in the chart to benefit the native of the chart.

Our ancestors believed that the celestial bodies in the cosmos were gods and goddesses watching over the earth. Each had their own unique personality and power that exerted influence over earthly beings and objects. These powerful beings were believed to control not only the fate of individuals, but also the fate of the world itself.

In the context of Astro-Magic, we connect with gods and goddesses through the celestial bodies and astrological charts. This allows us to bring their power down to manifest in our physical realities on earth. By tapping into the power of the cosmos, we can manifest our desires and intentions.

As a Jeweler Astrologer, I have spent years honing my craft, perfecting my skills as a handmade jeweler while also delving deep into the mysteries of astrology. My unique approach involves blending the inspiration drawn from astrological charts, with knowledge of astrology, my intuitive connection to the cosmos and divine, and my expertise as a seasoned jeweler. I take great pride in creating original pieces of jewelry with meticulous care, imbuing it with cosmic energy to create a one-of-a-kind talisman that is uniquely yours.

Enjoy browsing through the collection, and please contact me if you would like your own talisman jewelry made, or if you are interested in an astrological consultation, or both!


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