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Full Moon in Aquarius Astrology

Exploring the Mysteries of the Cosmos and Gaining New Insights from Ancient Wisdom

Happy Full Moon, Astro friends!

On this auspicious day of the Full Moon in Aquarius, we are experiencing a surreal sensation of being in the same world, yet feeling different. It's like a cosmic game of "spot the difference" that can be both unsettling and enlightening. The Full Moon in Aquarius polarize the notion of “New World”, and encourages us to find resonance in the unconventional places and explore new horizons to gain fresh perspectives. Although it might seem unfamiliar and challenging, it can be a transformative experience that widen our views, leads to personal growth and development.

As we explore the alignments of the stars, we have the opportunity to uncover hidden messages and gain new insights from the ancient wisdom of the astrology. It's like discovering a new world with ancient connections that can lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe. This journey of cosmic exploration is both enlightening and transformative, and I invite you to join me on this exciting adventure. Are you ready?

The Sun is at home in Leo, possessing fixed, fiery, masculine, and diurnal qualities. It provides radiance and imbues us with a sense of stability and strength. As the heart of the cosmos, the Sun represents the central energy of our souls. Under its powerful influence, we are called to express our strong personalities and natural leadership abilities with confidence, creativity, and authenticity.

It's important to note that the Venus as bounds ruler allow for certain freedom and flexibility in our choices and actions while maintaining healthy relationships with others. However, it's equally important to respect these boundaries to ensure harmony in our relationships.

Saturn, the ruler of the Sun's decans, brings discipline and responsibility to the mix, which can sometimes feel like a heavy burden and limitation on our abilities. However, embracing these challenges and responsibilities ultimately leads to growth and development, unlocking our full potential for great success in various aspects of our lives.


The Moon is our guiding light of the night, in the home of Saturn, and when it's in Aquarius, it takes on a unique energy that's characterized by unity consciousness, innovation, and a desire for intellectual stimulation. In this fixed, masculine Air sign, the Moon gains perspectives of “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and becomes increasingly concerned with human trajectory and our evolution, amplifying its reflection and revealing our innermost selves without any filters or obfuscation.

Venus, as the ruler of bounds and decans, sets the angles and parameter within our hearts, and reflects what lies in the core. This allows us to gain a better understanding of our deepest desires and motivations, as the truth is revealed from our innermost selves.

As we explore the Moon in Aquarius further, it's worth noting that this sign is called “The water-bearer”, and as such, the Moon is the vessel filled with our senses, feelings, thoughts, and information. Take a moment to look within the vassal and see what's reflecting on the water before your eyes. This can be an incredibly enlightening and transformative experience, helping us gain a better understanding of both ourselves and the world around us.


Venus finds herself in the regal sign of Leo as a guest in the home of the Sun with host in the same house, and bound and decan of Mars. This powerful placement imbues Venus with a sense of creativity, expression, and assertiveness typical of the masculine fire sign Leo, while retaining her astrological representation of love, beauty, and peace. Venus plays a significant role in our emotional connections, allowing us to express ourselves authentically and connect with others on a deeper level.

As the bound and decan ruled by Mars, Venus is influenced by the planet's impulsiveness and assertive nature, which can sometimes lead us to take action before we're ready. Mars, being a malefic planet, can set rules that aren't in line with Venus' natural tendencies, leading to feelings of pressure or discomfort.

Despite these challenges, Venus and Mars are sect mates, sharing a favorable relationship that serves to mitigate some of the more negative aspects of Mars' influence. This connection allows Venus to unlock her full potential for creativity and personal power, enabling us to express ourselves more organically and authentically. This leads to a profound influence on the host of the house, the Sun, as his bounds ruler.


Now, let us look into the current position of the planet Saturn. Currently, Saturn is located in the 5º of Pisces, a feminine, mutable and fertile water sign. Positioned in the home of Jupiter, the exaltation of Venus, the bounds of Venus, and the decans of his own, Saturn exudes a strong influence of his own planetary energy despite being in a foreign environment. With sextile with the estate owner and sect mate, Jupiter, and with Venus out of the sight, it appears that Saturn is in a good position of power where he can determine his own destiny and express his own agency.


As we explore the current planetary alignment, we find that Saturn is forming an opposition to Mercury in Virgo, with Mercury is home and exalted, and at 5º, within the bounds of Mercury, and decans of the Sun. This particular alignment is noteworthy as it can have a significant impact on our mental state and communication style. Mercury in home and exaltation suggest stable and optimized mental state, open and confident communication style, and in Virgo suggests a strong focus on earthly matters, health, organization and service to others. This may manifest in various ways, such as an increased interest in physical health and wellness with a wholistic view, a desire to assist others in practical ways, or a renewed commitment to detail-oriented tasks.

Moreover, this is an ideal time to focus on improving our communication skills, both in our personal and professional lives, and to strive for greater clarity and precision in our interactions with others. The fact that Mercury is within the bounds of Mercury and in the decans of the Sun further emphasizes the favorable environment of communication and self-expression during this time.


Mars is situated in the Earth and Mutable sign of Virgo, in close proximity to the host and exaltation lord Mercury. It is also within the bounds and decans of Venus, similar to Venus' situation. As a sect-mate and benefic planet, Venus is likely setting boundaries, rules and trajectory that are favorable to Mars, creating an environment for us to thrive and succeed in our endeavors. Furthermore, with Mercury as the host and exaltation ruler of Mars, it is closely monitoring and guiding its path to ensure success.


Mars is currently in a harmonious communication with Jupiter in Taurus, which is also an earth sign but with a fixed modality. Taurus is home to Venus, the exaltation of the Moon, and he is within the bounds of Mercury, as well as the decans of the Moon. In this situation, benevolent Jupiter is under the influence of the strong feminine principle, similar to Saturn. However, unlike Saturn, Jupiter does not have any authority over his own fate or power. He has completely lost his agency and is being pressured by estate owner Venus and exaltation lord Moon to provide a great deal of assistance and support to Mars in achieving his objectives and motivations. This planetary alignment is favorable for those of us who embrace and honor the divine feminine energy. Its significance lies in its potential impact on various essential aspects of our lives, including relationships, finances, and career paths, which could lead to fruitful outcomes in the coming days. So, let's keep an eye out for these positive changes and embrace the opportunities they bring!

The energy of this Full Moon is simply electrifying! It's like a cosmic wake-up call that's shaking us out of our slumber and ushering us into a brand new world. So let's embrace this exciting time of awakening and enlightenment, and continue our search for knowledge and truth, and reach for the higher realm. By keeping an open mind, we can unlock the endless possibilities that lie ahead of us.

Wishing you all a cosmic and transformative Full Moon in Aquarius!


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