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Bringing our Divine Feminine voice forward

While I was looking for a date for group magic-ritual, I stumbled upon an intriguing sequence of astrological transits that has captured my attention. On the third of October, we witness the captivating entry of Black Moon Lilith into the celestial realm of Virgo, the meticulous and discerning sign of the virgin. By the way, it is worth noting that in ancient times, the term "virgin" did not solely refer to a sexual status, but rather symbolized an unmarried and independent woman. In fact, many goddesses were not interested in being someone's consort and chose to remain "virgin". Others, like Lilith, rejected the idea of submitting to men and opted out of married life. (Then later, she was portrayed as "Black Moon Lilith" in patriarchal society.) Also, the sign of Virgo represents a virgin, symbolizing purity and being unrefined, as in "Virgin Oil.” This can be interpreted as our pure and unrefined version of ourselves.

Let's refocus on the transit. On October 9th, Venus gracefully joins the cosmic symphony in Virgo, adding her divine presence to the mix. The following day, a celestial convergence occurs as the mother Moon aligns harmoniously with Black Moon Lilith and Venus upon entering Virgo. This alignment brings forth a significant amount of divine feminine energy! And on October 14th, get ready for a cosmic spectacle as a New Moon eclipse graces us with its presence at the precise coordinates of 21º in Libra.

During the summer months, Venus underwent a profound transformation, embarking on a journey of death and rebirth. Driven by a deep longing within her celestial heart, she sought to reunite with a missing piece of her soul. With unwavering determination and purpose, she ventured into the mysterious and dark realm of the underworld.

Descending into the depths, Venus was greeted by Goddess Hekate, the gatekeeper of the Underworld, who granted her entry. Goddess Hekate illuminated the scene with her torch, revealing her shadows. Venus stepped into her shadow, gradually diminishing her light. In the darkest corners, she merged with her shadow-self, represented by the Black Moon Lilith, symbolizing the reunion with her lost soul. In order to integrate, she let go of everything that no longer served her, willingly shedding her layers and surrendering to the cycle of life and death. Embracing the stillness of the underworld, her once radiant aura faded as she patiently awaited her metamorphosis.

As Venus ventured deeper into the abyss, she felt the Sun's radiant energy drawing nearer. The Sun, symbolizing illumination and vital life force, guided her path and infused her essence with its divine light. Surrounded by the Sun's brilliance, Venus underwent a cosmic transformation, emerging with a renewed sense of purpose and destiny.

After acquiring new wisdom and insight, Venus emerged from the underworld, her radiance fully restored. She gracefully transitioned into her next celestial cycle, carrying with her the essence of rebirth and transformation as she ascended back into the celestial realm.

Just as planet Venus represents love, relationships, and personal growth, this cosmic event serves as a catalyst for our personal development. The story of Venus descending to the underworld, uniting with her shadow-self, and experiencing rebirth empowers us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-realization. It encourages us to unlock our hidden potentials and unleash infinite possibilities within ourselves. It allows us to break free from the confines and restrictions of our old paradigm, enabling us to embrace new perspectives, gain profound insights, and have transformative experiences about ourselves and the vast world around us.

From “Finding Our Way Through the Dark” by Demetra George:

In chart analysis, the Black Moon Lilith describes how and where we cut away our pretensions, false roles, and delusions and actualize our true essential selves. Healing arises when we can enter into our darkness, release our pain, and purify and eliminate our toxic accumulations. We can then reclaim the lost and rejected parts of ourselves and integrate them into the wholeness of our being.

The Black Moon Lilith in our astrological chart symbolizes the transformative journey of releasing pretenses, false identities, and illusions, allowing our authentic selves to shine through. Healing, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, involves confronting and addressing our inner struggles, letting go of pain, and purifying ourselves from harmful thoughts, emotions, or behaviors that may have accumulated over time.

Through this process, we can rediscover and embrace parts of ourselves that we may have lost or rejected. By embarking on this journey of self-discovery, we can integrate these aspects into our overall sense of self and achieve wholeness.

As Demetra George beautifully puts it, the Black Moon Lilith invites us to release our pretenses and illusions, allowing our true selves to emerge and be realized. It presents an opportunity for healing and transformation, where we courageously confront our inner struggles, cleanse ourselves from harmful patterns, and integrate the lost and rejected parts of ourselves into the wholeness of our being.

So, tune in to this celestial dance, involving Venus (representing our personal journey), Black Moon Lilith (representing our shadow-self), and the Moon (representing our present), we are invited to embrace this divine feminine symphony and embark on a journey of profound insights and transformative experiences. As we navigate the depths of our souls, we will find a faint voice inside us that wants to be heard and recognized. By cultivating the forgotten parts of ourselves, we emerge with a renewed sense of purpose and destiny, ready to embrace a brighter and more authentic version of ourselves.

Meditation: Journeying to the Underworld to Cultivate the Shadow Self

Find a comfortable position, take a moment to settle into your seat, and relax your body.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds, and audibly exhale, allowing yourself to enter a state of relaxation.

Visualize yourself standing at the entrance of a dark and mysterious cave. This cave represents the entrance to the underworld, a realm where you can connect with your shadow self.

Take a step forward and enter the cave. As you descend deeper into the darkness, feel a sense of anticipation and curiosity. Notice the temperature dropping and the surroundings becoming dimly lit. Embrace the darkness around you, knowing that it holds wisdom and insight.

As you continue your descent, you notice the theres a gate. And suddenly feel a presence beside you. It is the powerful Goddess Hekate, the gatekeeper of the Underworld. She stands tall, holding a torch that illuminates the path ahead. With a gentle smile, she grants you permission to enter the gate, knowing that you are here to reunite with your shadow self.

With gratitude, you step forward into the depths of the cave, guided by the divine presence of Goddess Hekate.

Eventually, you encounter a figure standing in front of you. This figure represents your shadow self, your Black Moon Lilith - the aspects of yourself that have been hidden, rejected, or suppressed due to shame or fear of speaking up. And parts of yourself that have been neglected to express.

Embrace this opportunity to observe and connect with your Black Moon Lilith, welcoming these aspects of yourself with love and acceptance.

Engage in a conversation with her. Ask questions, listen, and learn from its wisdom. Also, ask your Black Moon Lilith what one thing you need to let go of today in order to feel lighter and step closer to aligned with your true self.

As you feel ready to ascend back to the surface, thank your Black Moon Lilith and promise to see her again.

Turn around and start ascending, following the torchlight held by Goddess Hekate. She will guide you back up the cave, and you will feel the temperature rise as you approach the gate.

When you reach the gate, say thank you and goodbye to Goddess Hekate. Knowing that she will be there for you whenever you need her. Then, step out of the cave and take a deep breath, feeling parts of yourself that have expanded.

Take a moment to reflect on your experience. Write down the one thing you need to let go on the piece of paper, knowing that you'll burn it to let go before the New Moon.

Before the New Moon: Burning to Let Go Purifying Magic Ritual

Materials needed:

  • Black candle

  • Salt

  • Bowl of water

  • Paper with your intention written on it

  • lighter


  1. Set up a quiet and sacred space where you can perform the ritual undisturbed. Preferably outside as we’ll be burning some paper.

  2. Light the candle and take a few moments to center yourself and connect with your inner intentions for purification and transformation.

  3. Hold the paper in your hands and visualize all the energy associated with what you wrote being transferred onto the paper.

  4. Light the paper with the candle flame and carefully place it in the bowl of water. As it burns, imagine the flames purifying and transforming all the energy into light.

  5. Sprinkle a pinch of salt into the water, symbolizing purification and the removal of negativity.

  6. Take a moment to reflect on the process of releasing and purifying, allowing yourself to feel lighter and freer from what you let go.

  7. Dip your fingers into the bowl of water and gently sprinkle a few drops on your forehead, heart, and hands, symbolizing the purification and blessing of your mind, body, and spirit.

  8. Close the ritual by expressing gratitude for the cleansing and transformation that has taken place. Extinguish the candle, symbolizing the completion of the ritual.


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