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A Guide to Monthly Horoscope: Lunar Returns and 8 Fortune Asteroids

Lunar Returns: Monthly Insights from the Moon

Lunar Returns, like Solar Returns, occur when the Moon returns to its original position at the time of your birth. While the Solar Return happens once a year, marking your birthday, the Lunar Return occurs every month. By casting a Solar Return chart, you can understand the theme and energy for the year, while a Lunar Return chart reveals your monthly focus and energy.

You can cast both charts based on your birthplace or your current location. If you're like me and your current location is halfway across the world, that would place your Ascendant in a totally different sign. Even if you're not halfway across the world, if you're living in a different location than your birthplace, it's worth checking to see if your Ascendant may shift.

Personally, I like to cast Solar Return charts for my birthplace. The notion that "the Sun coming back to its original place at birth" is something that stayed in my mind when I first learned from Heather Eland at The Cosmic Academy of Astrology. However, for Lunar Returns, I cast the chart based on my current location, aligning with where my body and daily life are centered.

Interpreting Your Lunar Return Chart

The first aspect to examine in a Lunar Return chart is the Moon's placement, similar to focusing on the Sun in a Solar Return chart. Although a detailed interpretation of the Lunar Return chart will be covered in another post, here's a brief guide to understanding the Moon's house placement:

  • 1st House: You may find yourself more in tune with your emotions during this time, and called for self-care.

  • 2nd House: It might be a good time to review your finances, and personal resources. Also called for self-care.

  • 3rd House: Emphasis might be on communication and learning, or you may find yourself busy running errands or interacting with your siblings.

  • 4th House: A focus on home and family or nurturing your emotional needs. It's a great time to rearrange or give your house a good cleaning.

  • 5th House: You may feel more creative, expressive, and playful during this time. Spend quality time with your kids, or play like you are a kid!

  • 6th House: Health and work routines may be a focus during this month. Good time to review your daily habits.

  • 7th House: Relationships and partnerships may come into focus. Schedule a date night or, if you’re single, take the opportunity to meet new people.

  • 8th House: This could be a focus on shared resources and deeper emotional connections. Work on your intimacy and trust within close relationships.

  • 9th House: You might be more interested in philosophical or spiritual matters, or in taking a long-distance trip.

  • 10th House: During this month, your career and reputation might be a significant focus, presenting opportunities for expansion or prompting changes.

  • 11th House: A time of networking, group activities, and being part of a larger community. It's a period where being part of a larger community becomes a significant focus.

  • 12th House: This is a time for introspection, rest, and spiritual growth. This period is ideal for meditation, journaling, and exploring your subconscious mind.

After examining the Moon's position, consider the Ascendant, ruling planets, aspects, and other key factors. This month, on my Lunar Return (which is today as I write this), the Moon is in my 10th house, indicating a focus on career and public reputation.

Exploring Fortune with Asteroids

While reflecting on this month's theme during my morning walk and meditation, I had a fun idea pop into my mind: to look at asteroids related to money, wealth, and abundance to create a monthly fortune horoscope. Here’s a list of fortune-related asteroids:

  • 19 Fortuna: Roman goddess of luck and fortune.

  • 258 Tyche: Greek goddess of fortune and fate.

  • 2415 Ganesa: Associated with wealth accumulation in India.

  • 7782 Mony: Indicates areas of financial activity.

  • 151 Abundantia: Symbolizes abundance.

  • 13956 Banks: Represents financial stability.

  • 39382 Opportunity: Indicates growth and favorable circumstances.

  • 9777 Enterprise: Suggests success in business endeavors.

To view these asteroids on, follow these steps:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the "Free Horoscopes" tab.

  3. Under "Horoscope Drawings & Calculations," select "Extended Chart Selection."

  4. Create a profile and input your birth data if you haven’t already.

  5. Choose "Lunar Return Chart" from the "Chart Type" menu.

  6. Scroll to the "Additional objects" section and input the asteroid numbers.

  7. Click "Click here to show the chart."

Additional Tips:

  • Copy and paste asteroid numbers: 19, 151, 258, 2415, 7782, 13956, 39382, 9777.

  • First, change the reference place to your current location, as the system resets to default each time.

  • Use the "Whole Sign Chart."

Analyzing the Fortune Horoscope

To analyze the fortune horoscope, focus on the 10th, 2nd, and 6th houses, known as the "Houses of Wealth." The 10th house represents career and public standing, the 2nd house refers to personal finances, and the 6th house signifies daily work activities. These houses form a trine, facilitating smooth energy flow. If you find fortune-related asteroids in these houses, they enhance and stimulate luck and fortune for the month.

In my Lunar Return chart, asteroid Mony is in the 2nd house, and Abundantia is in the 6th house. With the Moon in the 10th house, my focus is on career. The Moon conjunct Mars indicates a diligent work effort. The energy flow to the 2nd house suggests daily financial activities with asteroid Mony, and the 6th house with Abundantia hints at an abundance of work, indicating a positive outcome!

Elemental Influence on Fortune

In my Lunar Return chart, my House of Wealth is in Earth signs, indicating an energy flow through the material, physicality, and time. This implies that the more effort and time I invest, the more I'll see results in tangible measures.

If the House of Wealth falls in Air signs, the energy flow resonates through communication, ideas, and social interactions. This could translate into fortune in the form of gains in social media followers or digital currency.

If in Water signs, the energy flow is channeled through emotions, intuition, and relationships, signifying that fortune may be gauged in terms of emotional fulfillment.

Lastly, if the House of Wealth is in Fire signs, the energy flow is fueled by passion, creativity, and action, suggesting that fortune may come through innovative endeavors and proactive initiatives.

Just as a little side note that I find intriguing; asteroid Fortuna, positioned at 15º in Aries, aligns perfectly with my natal North Node. This is quite significant as the North Node is often associated with one's destiny or life path. So this conjunction indicates a potential increase in my karmic fortune.

And Uranus in the 10th house alining with Midheaven could indicate some kind of breakthrough. We shall see what may happen!

The anticipation of this positive change in luck and fortune, guided by the stars and planets, truly adds an exciting perspective to my life's journey! I hope this insight inspire you to delve into your own Lunar Return chart and asteroids, and discover your monthly themes and fortune!

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