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Yearly Horoscope

Happy Solar Return to Virgo Season!

Happy Solar Return, Cosmic Maiden!

As the Sun enters your sign, it signifies a change of season and a time of harvest, and bringing refinement to our lives. This year, you are in for a treat as Mercury is stationing to go retrograde and conjuncting asteroid Pallas Athena in your sign. Mercury in Virgo is at home and in exaltation, making it a highly dignified placement. This indicates that this solar year will be unforgettable, promising success, honor, and recognition.

Pallas Athena is a goddess of wisdom and justice, the patroness of the arts, and the protectress of the state. Through her all-encompassing perception, she gave wise counsel to the people of the earth. In Virgo, her analytical perceptions are heightened. With Pallas conjuncting the stationed Mercury, there's a powerful energy brewing in the mental realm. This energy possesses strong creative and intellectual capacities and is powerful and skillful in the use of words and communication media. However, as powerful as it is, it can also cause potential stress and anxiety. Mercury's station to go retrograde may signify mental blockage, fighting creative impulse, and difficulty in communication. Therefore, it is important to remember that this powerful energy does not stay in the mental realm alone. With Mars also in Virgo, it is essential to engage in physical activities to balance out mental activity. This can include yoga, arts and crafts, playing sports, exercising, dancing, and singing. These activities can help you aid the arts of meditation, affirmation, and positive thinking - all the things that support your good nature.

Also at this time, there is an Earth grand trine forming in the cosmos, which involves the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Pallas in Virgo, Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. This earthy alignment provides a grounded and stable energy. The presence of Mercury-Pallas in Virgo enhances the analytical and strategic aspects of this alignment, and Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus contribute to a sense of expansion and growth, while Pluto in Capricorn adds intensity and transformation to the mix. So, dear Cosmic Maiden, this planetary alignment is an encouragement for you to focus on practical matters and to work towards growth and transformation throughout the year. Don’t rush, take time and embrace stability and reliability, while also being open to shifts and changes. Although these may seem like opposing forces, with the trine, the energies are unified, creating a harmonious and productive environment for you to take advantage of.

As we delve deeper into your Solar Return chart, we can see that there is another significant energy that may impact your year ahead. The T-square between Venus retrograde in Leo, Jupiter in Taurus opposing Moon in Scorpio, could present some challenges that will require careful navigation. The Moon in Scorpio is a dubious placement that may cause a feeling of doubt drifting deep under the surface. With Venus retrograde in Leo, there may be a tendency to focus on personal desires and needs, while Jupiter in Taurus may emphasize the value of material possessions and financial stability. The challenging energies of this T-square formation may cause a sense of tension and conflict that needs to be addressed, but don't worry, dear Virgo, these energies can also provide an opportunity for growth and transformation. By embracing the challenges presented by this T-square, you may be able to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you.

As the Sun moves out of your sign and enters Libra, Venus and Mercury have come out of retrograde motion,  indicating that things are starting to move forward with a sense of new beginnings.

Venus, although still in the shadow period, is proud and bright in the morning sky, encouraging you to embrace your creativity and focus on healing and personal growth. In trine to Chiron, it brings a powerful energy of compassion and understanding, allowing you to connect with others on a deep level.

With the Sun in Libra, ruled by Venus, it's a perfect time to nurture your relationships and seek out new opportunities for growth and transformation in your personal life.

When the Sun moves into Scorpio to join Mercury and Mars, it's a time to buckle up and get serious about your goals, both personal and professional. With Mars at home in Scorpio, you can expect a heightened motivation to bring passion to the forefront of your endeavors.

Moreover, the Sun trines the Moon-Saturn conjunction in Pisces, indicating a great deal of emotional depth and psychic energy swirling around. This energy can be harnessed for your benefit if you take the time to understand and channel it. You may find that your intuition and psychic abilities are heightened, allowing you to tap into your inner wisdom and gain clarity on your path forward.

As the Sun enters Sagittarius, it brings with it a sense of adventure and exploration that is perfect for your curious nature, dear Virgo. With the Moon also entering Aries and forming a trine in the waxing gibbous moon phase, this astrological alignment signifies a time of potential opportunity for new developments, advancements in your endeavors. This is a time to take risks, try new things, and follow your passions.

As the Sun moves into Capricorn, Virgo, you find yourself in the ongoing waxing gibbous moon phase. However, this time the Moon is separating. This astrological alignment brings a sense of anticipation and excitement as your idea is coming to fruition. The Sun's conjunction with your ruling planet Mercury and the Moon's exaltation in Taurus with Jupiter indicate that you are on the right track, and success is within reach. However, the Sun-Mercury square Neptune and Venus opposing Uranus suggest that the manifestation of your idea may come unexpectedly, with an element of surprise. Although you may prefer to plan everything and stick to the plan, the cosmos may have a better plan for you. This is a time to go along with the direction planned by the stars.

As the Sun enters Aquarius, you may find yourself experiencing an increased mental activity with the Moon in Gemini. This could lead to a heightened sense of curiosity and a desire to learn new things. However, the astrological weather may bring about an energy of self-doubt and impatience with the Moon square Saturn and Venus square Neptune. This can manifest as a feeling of being stuck or unsure of how to move forward. But fear not, dear friend, for we look to the wounded healer, Chiron, as he comes into alignment with Lunar Nodes. This is an indication that your portal of karmic path to healing is opening up. It's a great time to start new healing practices, such as meditation, yoga, or therapy, to help you work through any doubts or insecurities that arise.

And look, on the day the Sun enters Pisces, a beautiful alignment takes place that ensures everything comes together and moves forward in alignment with your karmic path. Chiron aligns with the Lunar Nodes down to the minute, while the Moon is at home in Cancer, forming a trine with Saturn in Pisces, with each planet forming a sextile with Jupiter in Taurus. This is a time of great potential for healing and transformation, and it's important to embrace the energies at play. With this alignment, the stars are working in your favor to bring everything together in a harmonious and productive way, ensuring that you are on the right path towards fulfilling your true purpose.

As we journey into this new solar year, it's evident that something extraordinary is happening for you, lovely Virgo. The stars are aligning to bring you closer to your true purpose, and with Mercury joining Chiron to align the Node of Fate in Aries, and the Sun entering Aries, trust in the cosmos to guide you towards your destiny, even if you're not entirely sure what that is just yet. Remember, you're not alone on this journey, and the stars are here to support and uplift you every step of the way. So, take a deep breath, trust in the magic of the cosmos, and let the journey unfold as it's meant to.

With the Sun's arrival in Taurus, a special celestial moment is unfolding. Jupiter and Uranus' conjunction creates a unique opportunity for advancement, and the stars are align to bring a magical experience into your life. Embrace this moment and be prepared for new possibilities that may present themselves. The cosmos has something special in store for you, so keep your eyes open and your heart centered to receive it.

As the Sun enters Gemini, something special happens in the astrological chart that signifies a true transformation. The Sun forms a trine with Pluto and each sextiles Neptune, bringing about a shift in your perspective and a deeper connection to spiritual realm. This is a time for self-reflection, introspection, and exploring new ideas and ways of being. It's a wonderful opportunity to take a step back, reflect on your growth, and gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your path forward.


As the Sun enters Cancer and is welcomed by Venus and Mercury just after the Full Moon, marks the culmination of your hard work and determination. It's a time to reflect on your achievements and take stock of how far you've come. You might find that you're ready to share your experiences and offer guidance to those who are just starting out. This is your opportunity to take on a mentorship role and offer your wisdom to others.

As the Sun enters Leo, marking the last month of your solar year, a dramatic finale is in store for you, dear Virgo! The Sun's opposition to Pluto retrograde, this is a time to look back and take pride in the journey you've embarked on throughout the year. You can see just how far you've come, and it's time to pat yourself on the back and keep moving forward into the next solar year with confidence and excitement. So, embrace this moment and get ready for the next chapter of your cosmic journey!

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